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When to Cut People from Your Team — TTG028

What would happen to you as a business owner, if every year you had to chose your retain squad? Who are you going to retain on your team?

Now faced with that really difficult decision, what would happen? You’d get rid of your worst performers, but what would that force you to do? It would force you now to go and get new talent. Faced with the prospect of having to cut 10% or let people go in your business, who would you let go? And if you would let them go, ask yourself another question, what’s stopping up from letting them go? What’s holding you back? If you got rid of those players that are not serving you well and you brought onboard top people, that could absolutely help you get to where you need to be, how much quicker and how much further forward would you be?

Is There Ransomware in Your Business? — TTG027

Welcome to today’s edition of the Transition Guy. Today, I want to cover a subject with you that has been really contentious all over the world, in the press – ransomware.
You see, ransomware happens day in and day out. Why was it such an issue that got everyone so involved? Why was everyone so animated about it? Was it about that some little crooked hackers in some sort of, we don’t even know where they’re from, they entered, so infected your computer and looked at your computer, and all of a sudden, because I can’t use my computer, my business is paralyzed, let’s throw our arms up in the air and massively protest about it.
What you need to do is business owners need to be far more aware of all the different areas in their business they are being held to ransom, and as you come up with a strategy, how am I going to free myself from this tyranny? How am I going to be freeing myself from this control, from this being held to ransom?
Now, if you have been held to ransom, either by your banks, your supply chain, or your customer chain, I’d love to hear from you. So head over to and get in contact. And remember, failing to learn is learning to fail.

There’s No Need to Be a Desperate Business Owner with Shannon Susko — TTG026

Believe it or not, most companies don’t even have a 1 year goal. As an entrepreneur, you should know where you are going and where the business is headed to. In this episode, you will learn that there is a system and a growth framework that entrepreneurs can follow and to keep all things in sync. Find the system, make it your own and prove that it works. You can go so much farther. You don’t have to be desperate to grow your company.

We know that entrepreneurs at stage do get stuck. We know that people out there sometimes are petrified and they don’t believe these books and stuff – these scare them. There is material out there that is extremely practical that will give you that step by step process, the word we used “prescriptive”.

For those who want to know more about the book head on to or the resources out there. Now, if you can resonate with the stuff that we’ve covered today, and you want more information, head over to and get in contact.

And remember, failing to learn is learning to fail.

Explained: The Reason Why You Never Have Enough Time (and How to Fix It!) — TTG025

In today’s edition of The Transition Guy where we are going to be covering the default diary. This is a follow on from the Steven Covey’s Time Matrix edition, so make sure that you’ve covered that first. So we’re back on time and the first question I want to ask you as business owners and entrepreneurs is do you have a robust diary in place? do you have set times for set things?

So really if you want to start operating in a more efficient manner, you’ve got to change the way you work and that’s where the default diary comes in is actually starting to say, “How do I zone my days? How do I zone my weeks? How do I start to be more structured?”

5 Ways to Achieve Exponential Business Growth with Monte Wyatt — TTG024

Exponential growth is not about the product, it’s not about the person, but it is the system that you build your business around. Every exponential growth, the business has both leadership and management.

The question that you’ve got to ask yourself is what are you doing to take that first step on that journey to get your business ready for exponential growth?

Peter Boolkah (AKA The Transition Guy) is the World’s #1 Business Transition Coach whose main passion in life is to work with talented and high performing business owners who are in the process of creating exciting, high growth businesses.

Do You Have the Coaching Habit? with Michael Bungay Stanier — TTG023

In today’s episode of the Transition Guy, we have a special guest, one of up and coming thought leaders, and the author of “The Coaching Habit”, Michael Bungay Stanier.

There’s a subtle distinction between becoming a coach and becoming coach-like. Coaching possesses the behavior of staying curious a little bit longer, and a little bit slower when inculcating action and advice. Being coach-like is not being an advice-giving maniac.

Let us diminish and break down the myths of coaching.

How do you stay curious a little bit longer? How do you rush into action and advice a little bit slower?

If you resonate with anything we’ve talked about today, head over to and get in contact.

What Defines You in Life & Business with Byron Nelson –TTG022

In today’s episode of Transition Guy from Necker Island, we will be talking what defines us in life and business. Most of us, a huge proportion of entrepreneurs come from my place of adversity and really a lot of people say, “Well things are not fair. This is not fair.” Reality is this. Everyone says, “Well, I’m defined by where I’m from. What my beginnings are like.” I disagree.

So you’ve got to make a choice. Where do you want to be with your business? What kind of business do you want to grow? What kind of legacy do you want to leave? Ultimately, what are you prepared to do in order to make that happen?

Qigong Energy Arts from the Temple with Rhyn Nasser, the Millionaire Monk — TTG020

In today’s edition of the Transition Guy I am joined by special guest Rhyn Nasser, also known as the Millionaire Monk where we’re exploring Qigong Energy Arts.

This episode is part of my Necker Island series and was filmed in the temple on the island. Those of you that have never heard of the temple, it was here that Richard Branson formed what the world calls the Elders.

The Elders were a powerhouse of individuals, Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter, just to name a few, that would speak to governments, try to prevent wars, and do other amazing things to change the world for the best.

Rhyn and I both feel really privileged to actually be able to be here and film this episode.

Is Your Business Worthy or Worthless? — TTG009

Company valuations is quite a contentious issue. Why? Because most people overvalue their business. Really they base their valuation on how hard they have worked, how many hours they have worked, and how many years they’ve managed to successfully repeat that mind-numbingly boring routine.