Today I'm looking at why you cannot play in the premiership with a championship team (in business terms!).

One of the biggest challenges that most companies face is actually building their teams. You see a lot of books out there. Even I've talked about it, around let's look at the culture. Let's look at the hiring, etc. Yep, that's all well and good, but what most people don't focus on is actual talent. The reality is not everyone is made equally. Believe it or not, yes some people are on much higher talent levels than other people. Society will have you believe, yeah we're all equal. Guess what? It's not a reality.

What I'm going to use for you to illustrate this is we're going to use football, an English ball. Americans would like to call it soccer. The reality, it is football. How actually football teams develop their teams and how they progress as they move up different levels. Within the UK, we have the Football League. We have an amateur league and then we've got different levels of professionalism as people move up the leagues. Let's start at the very beginning with the amateur league.

In the UK, our amateur league is called the Vent of Armor League. A big shout out to Andy and the team at Vent of Armor. Then, we move into the professional leagues, which is Sky Bet Two, then Sky Bet One. Then, the championship, premiership and ultimately the goal of any football team is to get to the Champion's League, where you are on the world stage. That's where the big money is. Imagine we have a football team down in the Vent of Armor League. They've had a really good season. They've won the league. They're about to get promoted. It doesn't have to be football. Where this example is prevalent is any sport that you choose to follow. The team goes up to the next division.

What do teams normally do? Do they keep all their players? Absolutely not. What do they do? They shed the players that they do not believe can step up to the mark. Then what happens? Well, we've got to go and replace the team, well the ones that we got rid of. We then go out there and we search. We search for players that can tactically play at the next division and have the fitness levels. You can imagine, as you move up, you've got to be fitter, smarter in terms of understanding the sport a lot more. You've got to have different attributes to play that next level. It continues. Every time a team progresses, it does. It changes the players. From time to time, it will also change the back room staff, only from the point of view being that they need a different support structure in place to be able to take that team to the next level.

It continue and so it continues and so it continues until eventually you get up to a Champion's League class club, where what you'll probably find is that they've got a phenomenal starting 22. Where you've got 11 players on the pitch, but the other 11 players on the bench are just totally amazing. They could put out two teams and smash most teams around the world.

Why is it that business owners do not run their business with that level of simplicity? The reality is two things come into play. Number one, this massive sense of attachment because as human beings, we do get attached to people. Number two is guilt. See, most people are used to getting rid of rubbish people. People that don't perform. People that just do a really awful job or do something really bad to them that it makes it really easy for you to get rid of them. When you've got a scaling up business and you're growing, life isn't that simple. You think about it. Back as a one man band, you were so busy. What would happen eventually? You'd run out of time. You had more work than you had time. You then hired the next person. Then, you got busy again. Then, you hired the next person and the next person.

Eventually, the businesses start to move up. A business will eventually start moving up to the next league. The person that joined you at the very beginning, who you have this massive sense of loyalty to, they may have been brilliant working at this level. What if the business requires a different skill set, a different talent set to be able to then keep growing? Would do you do then? See, if you was in a football team and you were the manager of the football team, you would say quite simply, “Okay, I'll get rid of that player. I'll bring another one on.” It doesn't mean that a player's done anything wrong.

In your business, these people haven't done anything wrong. They just don't want to come on the journey, or they're not able to come on the journey. I see too many businesses restricting their businesses because they've got the wrong team on board. They're very loyal to the wrong team. Sometimes we have to move on good people because they're not at the level we are working.

I want you to think, as a business owner, what is your potential? Are you destined to play Champion's League football? Are you struggling to get there because you've got a Sky Bet division one team? If that's the case, unless you make changes, you're never going to realise your true potential and the true potential of your business. Do you have aspirations for a equivalent of a Champion's League business, but you're not getting there because you've got a Sky Bet division one team? If you've got that in place and you need to make the change and you don't know quite how to make it or what to do next, head over to and get in contact.

Remember, failing to learn is learning to fail.

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