I and Rhyn Nasser, also known as the Millionaire Monk had an extraordinary conversation at the Temple of Neck Island. It’s in this place where the Elders or a powerhouse of individuals such as Richard Branson, Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter, just to name a few, that would go and be able to speak to governments, try and prevent wars, and things like that. It’s a privilege to be here and more so an incredible opportunity to be with the Millionaire Monk himself. The energy and the vibe is absolutely incredible.

Millionaire Monk is all around to all conscious business and taking business to the next level. But what does that exactly mean?

According to Ryhn, one of the problems that today is that there are these well-intentioned, spiritual people that have great ideas but they’re just not able to bring those ideas into reality. The reason for that is actually triggered by business. If you put a spiritual person, not all of them, just a generalization, if you put them in a business room and they’re talking about, “Oh, I made $20,000 today.” The spiritual person’s generally like, “Oh,” they get a little bit triggered by the fact that that person made so much money, almost like they’re a bad person or something.

The magic is actually integrating both worlds, bringing the spiritual and business together and really looking at conscious capitalism and how you can do business in a way that actually gives back.

On the other hand, you’ve got the business people that sometimes are just doing business and not spending time with their family, not spending time for themselves. Also, their businesses are basically depleting elements from the earth or not giving back in a conscious way. The magic is actually integrating both worlds, bringing the spiritual and business together and really looking at conscious capitalism and how you can do business in a way that actually gives back. Obviously you need to fill your first cup. Fulfil your cup first.

The question is how to do business in a way that you can actually still profit, to give back to your family and create the legacy that you want, but actually do it in a way that’s actually impacting humanity as well. That’s where the Millionaire Monk was sort of born out of from this idea. It’s kind of bringing two worlds together.

It is said that when you have all the best things in life, you will be happy. But, will you really be?

Like a monk, the whole idea is spirituality. Not having any money and just living simply. Based on Rhyn’s experience, he lived seven years deep in the mountains with Shaolin monks and palace warriors and kung fu masters as well. Dedicated a big part of his life to that journey in spite having to run six businesses for seven figures. He sort of lived both journeys. In our time, it is said that you need that car, you need that perfect job in a company, get the beautiful girlfriend, work hard at what you do, buy the house and you’ll be successful and you’ll be happy. It is said that when you have all the best things in life, you will be happy. However, for Rhyn Nasser who was lucky enough to have acquired all of these at age 23, he realized he still wasn’t actually happy.

His journey to China and training with the Monks made him learn how to integrate the teachings of business, and his message in the world is how we can do conscious business, business that does good, and how we can impact humanity through that business.

Inspire people to go out there and make change. You do the good first, the rest will follow.

The implication is to send a message that actually inspires people to go out there and make change. You’d be surprised, as a spiritual strategy, when you align yourself with the energy of giving, amazing things just flow back into your life. Knowing that actually you do the good first, the rest will follow. How do we find this halfway house for most businesses, where they can actually start going for that journey of becoming more conscious and filling that cup, so to speak?

There’s two things. There’s that general think business in our head. Actually, most of the time, we’re stressed and we’re tired because of the cold, cognitive thinking decision, we can only make so many decisions a day before we get stressed and tired. Actually the best decisions are actually made outside of the mind, they’re particularly coming from the heart. It’s like having practices that bring you back into the heart for one is a really important way. There’s lots of practices out there. Rhyn Nasser, the Millionaire Monk uses qigong, it’s a very effective way.

Qigong basically, it’s an energy art form from China. It’s a practice that gives balance to an entrepreneur’s life. For the entrepreneurs out there, if you’re looking to do conscious business and you’re looking for a basic model that can give you a concept or a grasp in your mind of how you can do this for yourself, this model is really, really effective. It’s sort of a system and one of the main ways that align entrepreneurs. When entrepreneurs are disconnected, they do disconnected things. In their relationships, in their friendships, in their business deals as well. Even in driving profits and things like that, they usually look for the shortcut. When you feel connected, you’re looking at how everyone can win and how this can benefit everyone, and how is this in line and how can I also create a life that I can spend time with my wife, or my husband, and I can have a balance as well?

Start thinking about how you can live or create your life that actually gives you everything. How you do one thing is how you do everything.

You might think that you’re winning in business by just working extremely hard, but if your relationship is suffering, how you do one thing is how you do everything. That’s a spiritual truth. It’s kind of like, if your relationship stinks, you’ll actually find somewhere in your business it actually stinks as well. We really need to have a holistic perception at how we can improve everything and look at it as one rather than being separate. It’s time to get a balance in to their lives.

There’s three areas to the model. When you’re aligned with these areas in the model, money and love self-organize around your purpose. That’s basically how it works. Obviously, there’s a little bit of work to do in each of the areas to integrate them, but if you get these three done and you just go, “Okay, there’s only three things. If I can integrate these three things, money and love will self-organize around my purpose, and just good things will start to show up.” You really will get momentum, you’ll really unlock your flow and beautiful things start to happen.

The number one area: Your life’s purpose.

Think of this as the North Star. This is your personal and business impact up here. What is your life purpose? What is your meaning for life? What do you want to generate? What’s your legacy? What do you want to create in the world? What is your mission? Those things like that. What type of businesses do you want to do to make an impact and actually make an impact personally as well? That’s number one.

The second area is lifestyle design: spend time with family, nurture relationships and fill your relaxation bank account.

Lifestyle design includes your family, your relationships, your hobbies outside of business, and the things that actually fill your relaxation bank account up so you’re not running on empty all the time and actually feel fulfilled. If you don’t spend time in the lifestyle design area, it’s like you’re in third gear and you’re just revving your engine and you just feel tired. Designing a life that actually supports your business and your relationships and your friendships and getting really clear on what’s important to you is super important. That’s the second thing, lifestyle design.

The third thing and the most important thing, actually, is connection to self.

Connection to self is learning meditation practices like qigong or maybe yoga or maybe breath work. It’s also understanding your personal values, doing personality tests like Roger Hamilton’s the Wealth Dynamics Profile Test. Some of these ways to give you a deeper understanding of how you run business and how you actually tend to conduct yourself, because the deeper understanding that you have of yourself, the more magnetic and the more clear you are and the better choices that you can make in your business and in your relationships, so you’re not wasting anyone else’s time.

When you’ve got a clear vision on what you really want, you actually can create harmony in all other areas. When you have harmony within, you have harmony and the outside as well. You’ve got connection to self, lifestyle design, and personal and business impact. The challenge is, or the opportunity is, is to try and integrate all these three. The foundation level is down at the bottom. You’ve got jing, qi, and shen, which are the three treasures of Chinese medicine.

The first thing once you’ve integrated your connection to self, who you are, your lifestyle design, and also your business and personal impact, is to integrate jing, qi, and shen. That means work on the base foundation of who you are and really design that lifestyle, because your business may change sometimes, but if your foundation is strong, then you can always work your way up. That’s jing. Qi is when money and love really start to unlock and flow, and then shen is when you’re living your highest purpose. Someone like actually Richard Branson is living his highest purpose or his highest legacy.

You don’t have to be a billionaire to get the model. This is all about happiness and fulfilment and performing at a high level, and actually being able to give back. Every single human, one of the basic human needs is contribution.

That’s quickly the Millionaire Monk model, how to basically allow money and love to self-organize in your life and align your purpose. Self-organize means that you’re not just trying to do it by yourself. You’re surrounding yourself with amazing people. This level of networking unlocks a greater level of flow and it’s not about you. It’s about how we can serve others, and it’s about letting the universe self-organize around your purpose. Once you’re clear on what your purpose is, it’s amazing what shows up.

Don’t let yourself be stuck in one of the three areas. Now, if anything that we spoke about today resonates with you, go to over to Boolkah.com and get in contact. Remember, failing to learn is learning to fail.

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