It is impossible to outrun the clock. I tell all my clients that there are a set amount of hours in the day and often it is necessary to work smarter not harder. Trying to beat the clock will end up breaking you and your business.


Hire a team:

I recently had Kris Ward, author of, Win The Hour Win The Day on my Transition Guy podcast. She says if you can win the hour, you can win the day. So what does she mean by that? She started off as a marketing strategist and was working 16 hour days to get her business off the ground but by year 2 and no sleep she realised it wasn’t sustainable. She got her 16 hour days down to 6. She was more effective, productive and was making more money in less time. How did she do it? She hired a team.


Don’t wait to hire your team:

Too many entrepreneurs wait until they are burned out to hire a team. Many are waiting for their revenue to hit a certain peak before they commit to building their team. This is a mistake. Kris talked about the 3 D’s: Damaging overhead, delayed income, diminished opportunity. As an entrepreneur you must constantly learn aspects of business to grow it. Social media for example is a necessary and time consuming lesson needed to grow your business. However, whilst you are learning you can’t concentrate on the paid work – you become your own damaging overhead which then means that income is delayed and opportunity diminishes. You don’t have time to take on new work as you are constantly playing catch up.


Make sure you hire the right team for the job:

If you hire the wrong team you’ll end up doing their work as well as your own. Your workload will increase rather than diminish. Approach hiring in a new way. Don’t fall back on loyalty or tradition. Hire the right person for the job. I work with my clients on ways of finding the right people for the job. There are methods that you can use to ensure you are hiring a capable person. For example, if you need to hire someone who is good at selling on the phone, interview them on the phone. Get them to sell you themselves. 


Don’t micromanage your team:

We inhabit a very different business landscape to that of the 80’s and 90’s. People have access to more information and resources to do their jobs. Hiring a team is about hiring people that you can delegate jobs to. You have to form a new habit of trust. You must trust that you have hired the right person for the job and that they can do the tasks they are given to the standard required.  To help you to this you need to come up with clear systems and processes to manage your team that are effective and allow you to accelerate your growth without adding to your to do list.


Structuring a team is the key to surviving uncertainty:

Systems help to structure a team. If something happens and your workforce suddenly changes and you need to hire someone new quickly then your systems toolkit will help to prepare that person. This way they will be able to hit the ground running and do their job straight away. Many of us are managing remote teams now and it is even more important we have proper systems in place that mean everyone knows what is expected of them and when to run the business. The remote working movement is here to stay and it is forcing us into a new way of working and structuring teams. 


Hiring a team will help productivity and grow your business: 

Don’t delay. If you want to be more productive you need to work out how to concentrate on your expertise and get a team behind you to deal with the parts of the business that are consuming your time. Work out where the most time consuming areas are and what sort of role or person could help you and take the pressure off in that area. If you don’t you will find that your business will stagnate. You won’t be able to move forward and grow. 


If any of the above has resonated with you and you want some help and guidance on how to build or grow your team please get in touch. To listen to Kris Ward talking to me on my podcast click here:  and remember failing to learn is learning to fail. 

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