Business Coaches for Entrepreneurs | Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Business Coaches for Entrepreneurs

Coaches can help you get unstuck and move forward if you feel stuck in your business. It’s like a personal trainer for your business. They will help you set goals, create action plans, and hold you accountable for achieving those goals.

There are many different types of coaches, so it is essential to find one that is a good fit for you and your business. You may want to consider one who specialises in the type of business you are in or one who help business owners like your.

The right person will be able to help you clarify and identify areas where you need to improve, strategize about what will help you scale, and give you the tools and resources to make those improvements. If you are serious about scaling your business and you feel you’re ready, a coach can be a valuable asset to your team.

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What is Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs?

So often, when we see and meet entrepreneurs for the first time, they ask, “What is this coaching thing?” Or, “I know it all, and I don’t need coaching.” So let’s draw a few parallels between coaching in personal training and coaching in business.

What images does it conjure up when we talk about people with a personal trainer? For quite a lot of people, a personal trainer is quite an exclusive thing. To have a personal trainer, you’ve got to have money. You’ve got to be highly successful. You’ve got to be pretty fit, driven, and know what you want. You also have to be prepared to be pushed and challenged. You need someone who will call you out on your B.S. when you don’t want to do the work, when you’re making excuses, or when you’re not eating correctly. A personal trainer is expensive, but we all know that the ROI is there because you see results.

With coaching, it is the same. They are not there to do the work for you, and they’re not there to tell you what to do. A good professional will ask many questions and help you find the answers, but they won’t give them to you. That’s up to you.

Very often, people get confused between coaching and consulting. So let me help you draw the line here. A consultant comes into your business and does the work for you, and a coach will teach you, mentor you, and help train you to do it for yourself.

Now you’re thinking, hold on. Why am I paying you not to do it for me? Let’s clarify. Imagine going to the gym, and they say,” Take a seat. Today we are going to be lifting 30kg dumbbells. But you have a seat, Peter, have a drink. I’m going to pick up the dumbbells for you. So I’m going to do the 30 reps for you.” How would that work? Would you ever get fitter as a person? Not. Would you be paying the personal trainer to get fitter? Absolutely.

And very often, when consultants come into the business, it doesn’t work because they do all the work, the entrepreneur doesn’t, they make all the changes and as soon as the consultant’s taken out, guess what? Over time, that business always reverts to the single lowest common denominator, which is often the leader in the business, which is you.

The process is all about YOU learning. It is about getting the best out of you and developing you. If you don’t grow and develop, you will be the person holding back the business. You may be thinking, “Ah, that’s me.” So now you need to do something about it and get the right coach that can help you achieve that business success.

Why Is Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs Essential for Success

As an entrepreneur, you are constantly facing new challenges and opportunities. Coaching can help you stay focused and motivated and provide the accountability and support you’ll need to succeed.

Also will help you clarify your business goals, develop strategies for achieving them, and provide ongoing support and advice. They will also challenge you to think outside the box and push yourself to reach your full potential.

Investing in such a service is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. It will help you overcome obstacles, reach your goals, and achieve long-term success.

Is Entrepreneur Coach Right for Me and My Business?

So you may be thinking, is coaching right for me? Can I afford one? Is it the right time? Well, absolutely. Coaches are there for everybody, even the most successful business leaders; Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison’s and many of the successful entrepreneurs out there have or have had a coach, and you know what? In the beginning, they started like you.

You just now need to decide what the right coach for you is. Is it an individual that’s going to give you confidence? Is it a coach that’s going to help educate you? A lot of people need an accountability coach. Somebody that’s going to help them stay on track, somebody that’s going to be there for them every step. Somebody that’s going to check in with them, somebody that they can bounce ideas off of, and somebody that is highly experienced and has been successful in business.

You’re at the top of the food chain as a business owner. You are your boss. You answer to nobody. When you’re working in a corporate, you’ve always got somebody pushing you. When you got your own business, it’s you relying on yourself.


What Can a Business Coach for Entrepreneurs Do for Me?

Coaches can be an invaluable asset to any entrepreneur. If you’re looking for help growing your business, then this is just what you need.

Here are some of the things they can do for you:

1. Help you define your goals

One of the most important things needed in business are clearly defined goals. They can help you set realistic goals and develop a plan to achieve them.

They can also help you stay accountable to your goals. It’s easy to get sidetracked when you’re running a business, but a good coach will keep you on track and help you achieve the success you’re striving for.

If you’re unsure what direction to take your business, such a professional can help you find your niche and give you the guidance you need to grow your business.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck, find that person that can help you move in the right direction again.

2. Help you stay on track and be accountable

Staying on track is essential for any business growth and can help you stay focused and motivated and keep you accountable. When you have someone to sound off, it’s much easier to stay on track and achieve your goals.

If you get sidetracked or bogged down in the day-to-day, wouldn’t it be great to have someone in your corner helping you get back on track and move in the right direction.

3. Help you identify potential problems

Having someone with an outside perspective to help you see things you might be missing is critical in entrepreneurship. This can be invaluable when it comes to making decisions about your business. They can also help you identify potential problems before they become more significant.

4. Help you scale your business

A business coach is an invaluable asset to any business owner. If you’re looking for help scaling your business, they often give you the guidance and support you need to achieve your goals. Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been in business for years, they can help accelerate your business to the next level.

What Type of Entrepreneur Coach Do I Need?

You just now need to decide what is the right coach for you. There are a lot of different professionals out there, so it’s essential to find one that’s a good fit for you and your business. If you’re not sure where to start, ask around and get recommendations from other entrepreneurs .

When finding a business coach or should I say the right business coach places such as LinkedIn are a great place to look. You can also check out online directories like the International Coaching Federation or the Association for Coaches.

Are you looking for a coach that’s going to give you confidence? Is it a coach that’s going to help educate you? A lot of people need someone to hold them accountable.

Some people have an extreme amount of self-discipline and can push themselves, and the majority do not.

The important thing to see what business coaching programs are offered and find the one for you. Do you want a strategic coach, or one the has programs focusing on personal and professional growth. There are those who have a sales and marketing focus or some combine business and life coaching.

Also beware that many professionals will use marketing taglines like “I am a coach to entrepreneurs and business” or “I provide successful coaching” or “I offer entrepreneur coaching services”.

I personally do accountability one-on-one coaching with my clients and make them work on the areas of the business they know they must focus on. They may have just been too ill-disciplined and proactively avoiding or in many instances too busy to work on the business and just caught up in the day to day running.

Check out my free business owners and entrepreneurs podcast for entrepreneurs, who want new insights on many of the latest business trends.


Best Business Coach for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you know that scaling your business is essential to success. But it’s not always easy to do on your own, and that’s where Peter Boolkah comes in.

One of the critical metrics in coaching is the number of hours a coach spends coaching clients. The majority of the time, business follows patterns and those entrepreneurs who can recognise the patterns are the ones that do well when others do not. Coaching hours under the best gives a coach a frame of reference that allows them to recognise these patterns and help Entrepreneurs take advantage of the opportunities.

Malcolm Gladwell popularised the “10,000-hour rule” in his book Outliers. The rule suggests that it takes 10,000 hours of purposeful practice to become an expert in any field.

This rule has been widely accepted and used as a guideline for aspiring experts in various fields. However, some debate surrounds the actual efficacy of the 10,000-hour rule.

Critics argue that the 10,000-hour rule is too simplistic and doesn’t consider other important factors, such as talent and innate ability. Others say that the 10,000-hour government is a good starting point but that ultimately it’s up to the individual to put in the hard work to become an expert.

Peter has amassed over 35,000 coaching hours since 2005, helping many Entrepreneurs achieve their goal, which for many was scaling and exiting, often for multiples in excess of 10x.

With over 35,000 hours behind him there is not much Peter has not seen. Even with what is going on in 2022 with supply chain pressures, war, inflation, labour shortages and so on. Theses pressures have always been around and will continue to be forever present. Entrepreneurship is about being able to successfully navigate these challenges and operate a successful profitable business.

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