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What is a Mastermind Group?

As the leader of your organisation it can often feel like you’re lacking someone to bounce ideas off or keep you motivated. Peter’s Mastermind Groups are a peer-to-peer mentoring method whereby like-minded, determined entrepreneurs striving for success can productively discuss areas for improvement and progress to fully succeed in the growth or transition of their businesses. The group holds each other accountable and often results in cross pollination of ideas and business strengths, allowing you to reach your goals faster.

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What is Covered in a Mastermind Group?

The Mastermind Groups are a 12-month long programme designed around working as a group to identify and resolve one particular issue per group member that is holding back your business from the growth and success you know is possible. You’ll get together with the group for one day per month and establish goals as well as practical solutions for achieving those goals.

Peter hosts Mastermind Groups to a maximum of 20 participants. Smaller class sizes ensure that every participant receives the right amount of attention and that each participant can get to know their peers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic groups are currently held virtually.

What makes the Mastermind Group so effective is that they’re an immersive and hands-on business coaching solution held in a setting where entrepreneurs can actively participate in providing solutions to problems in a way they may not have considered before. What may seem like a trivial problem to you may be particularly troublesome for others and vice versa. This type of setup maximises productive input and enhances your critical thinking since you’ll gain valuable insight from other business owners looking to succeed just as you are.

Continual Learning and Development

Mastermind Groups don’t provide you with one-off solutions but rather a mindset of continual learning and growth through strategies that address practical and real-world problems that business owners face every day. Think less theory, more hands-on. Learning by doing is a time-tested method of empowering people to achieve success and to reap the rewards they’ve sown.

The programme is designed for accelerated learning in that everyone involved learns from other participants. No teacher at the front of the classroom, just everyday business owners such as yourself striving to get the very best from themselves and their business.

Participants will all benefit from their continual learning and insight, but they’ll also formulate a 13-week business plan that is highly strategic yet actionable and down-to-earth. Roll up your sleeves and jump right in – there’s plenty to gain from Mastermind Groups!

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Peter has been working with us on the Scaling Up project over the last 18 months. We're not always easy to manage as a Senior Team but when we come together we can do great work.
JON GILBERTBusiness Development Director, BCA Marketplace plc

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