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What is Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning is the process of defining your company’s strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy, along with setting priorities.  Normally these take place three times a year every 13 weeks.  These sessions are designed to help execute the Strategy that was created during the 2 day annual retreat.

What is typically covered in a strategic planning workshop?

  • A 13 week review to include: Where is the business going & how are we performing against the priorities we committed to?
  • Identifying any constraints that may have held the business back.
  • Strategic Priorities: What are the 3-5 company priorities that need to be identified to keep the business on track to achieving its annual plan.
  • Execution Planning: What actions does each department need to own to help ensure the company’s 13 week sprint is achieved.

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Strategic Planning Days

Peter’s Strategic Planning Days will help your business orient and align its strategic goals in a workshop setting that is both immersive and intensive. The benefits of careful strategic planning are clear: you’ll help your team identify and take advantage of the elements of strategic business thinking to successfully realise your company’s long term goals and aspirations. Furthermore, working as a team in an immersive setting ensures that everyone involved is an active participant and is able to provide valuable feedback in a productive, facilitated setting.

What is Covered in a Strategic Planning Day?

By participating in Peter’s Strategic Planning Days, management, executives, and other stakeholders (usually 4-20 core staff members) will review the top-level business goals that may be just out of reach and find ways to turn them from abstract to concrete and achievable.

The workshop will take place in a professionally facilitated setting run by Peter Boolkah. This means that everyone involved will be able to discuss amongst themselves productively. Facilitation means that Peter will be actively listening and participating in discussion without directing or commanding how the team should operate. This makes everyone involved accountable and the author of the company’s fortune – a win-win scenario for everyone.

The workshop will cater to the bespoke needs of your organisation, but generally some of the topics that are commonly discussed include:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Mergers
  • Team
  • Acquisitions
  • Exiting a business, and more

The workshop can be held at a venue of your choice along with your own preference for food, accommodation, transport, and/or entertainment.

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Continual Learning and Development

One of the long-lasting benefits of Peter’s Strategic Planning Days is that the skills and expertise learnt during the eight-hour day will bear fruit well into the future development of the business. You and your team will be engaged in troubleshooting and discussion regarding the weaknesses and areas due for improvement in your business so that you and your team can continually develop and apply strategies well into the future.

Rather than receive a top-down directive on how you should proceed, Peter will empower you and your team to develop a realistic one-page business plan under his guidance for the coming year. This business plan won’t be written in overly corporate gobbledygook but instead in a plain and easily digestible English that everyone can read and understand.

This makes it universally valid from entry-level employee to senior management, and more importantly, demonstrates that your company vision and mission aren’t empty words but rather a commitment with achievable milestones and measurable progress.

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Peter has been working with us on the Scaling Up project over the last 18 months. We're not always easy to manage as a Senior Team but when we come together we can do great work.
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