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A premier coaching association composed of independent,
professional business coaches who assist growth companies
with the development of Gazelles growth tools,
based on the book Scaling Up by founder Verne Harnish.

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You’re a high growth business and you’re having fun. Most high growth businesses actually have pain and they have pain in one of four areas, or a combination of the four areas. People, Strategy, Execution and Cash.

Can you imagine growing at 20%, 25% per annum? The chances are your cash is being gobbled up and you’ve got cash issues.

You’re hiring people like crazy, so you have that instability of lots of people coming in and it feels very busy. Are you really thinking five years into the future? Are your team? Have you got the execution right? Are we actually delivering on our promises that we set out? Can you relate to these pains? Can you relate to these challenges? Of course, you can. To solve these challenges we use the Gazelle’s framework. What does that mean for you? Well, you’re an MD of your own business, you’ve done really well, you’re now scaling your business, at high growth, with high energy. You’ve  got a management team in place and now you’re establishing your executive team. The chances are your executive team are your previous managers. They’ve done a really good job for you and you trust them. You’re thinking, “Okay. I’m going to bring you up to the executive team. I’m going to bring you up to help me strategically build the business.” Where most businesses then struggle with this, is that the executives are not adequately trained, because you don’t have the resources that big corporate businesses have. If you work for a McDonald’s, a Marks & Spencer, a Facebook, LinkedIn, whatever, they’ve got a top-class management training program in place that is quite honestly… class. If you’re a fairly newer business you just don’t have the years behind your team. You need to find a framework where you can educate your people so they can best execute and help you move the business up to that next level. It’s time for you not to be caught in the day-to-day of operational staff, it’s now time for you to take that strategic overview of your business. Where are we going over the next five years? What is the strategy for the next five years? Who’s going to be my team that’s going to help me execute that strategy? Now, if you’re at that point and you want to talk, get in contact, let’s see how we can take your business and scale it up.

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