How Mental Fitness Will Help Your Business Succeed


Dealing with stress.

Historically the advice we have been given when we are mentally struggling is to ‘get on with it’. The stiff upper lip is synonymous with English culture. For many years the value of this approach has been debated and we have moved towards a kinder approach to dealing with the stresses and strains we feel, instead focusing on our wellbeing. There is almost certainly a place for this in our psychological development but can we adopt a tandem approach to help us move forward which is more scientific. Over the last 2 years our mental strength has been tested to its absolute core with lockdowns and loss being at the centre of our worlds. We’ve seen remarkably resilient people, including senior executives, unable to leave the house for anxiety reasons. Going forward, how can we prepare ourselves for dealing with situations beyond our control and the fall out they cause?


Can a scientific approach to mental strength work?

There is a science to getting mentally stronger. We do have to develop the strength and capability to live our lives. We want to be able to meet the challenge of stress and find ways that reduce the negative emotions that come with that. Brains are muscles which can be controlled and trained like every other muscle in our bodies. Our leg muscles control the way we talk. Our brains control the way we behave and react to situations. Over time our neural pathways have developed habits. Some of those habits are deep rooted and cause us to deal with certain stations negatively. If we are struggling then we must look to develop new habits and re-train our brain. Retraining your mind takes practice. Seeking positive outcomes must be built into life as a routine. By doing this you will find that your skillset grows. Your ability to deal with conflict and build better social or business relationships will change and improve. You can enjoy life rather than just constantly responding to events.


Changing your mindset is hard:

A problem needs to be dealt with straight away. Choose a positive outcome to relieve stress. Over the last 24 months we have seen situations where people have lost their livelihoods. How do you deal with the stress of no income or money? Try to look for opportunities, anywhere and everywhere. Think about your current approach to your problem. Where are the sticking points? What is stopping you from getting what you need? How can you overcome that? Believe that you are in control of how to change the situation causing you a problem. It won’t be easy and it might not work straight away but with a consistent approach to regaining control you will move forward. Take control of a difficult situation immediately and practice keeping that control and positive mental strength daily.


Find opportunity:

Find opportunity and implement it. It is automatically a happier place to be than wallowing in despair. The outcome may not change immediately but your ability to deal with it is far better. You will find that you are much more likely to find a positive outcome if you are looking for one. Taking decisive action, even if it is imperfect, will get better results.  In business don’t let the market overtake you. Personally don’t let life overtake you. Think about how you allow your mind to be impacted by external pressures and events that you can’t control. Think about how you can get them back into a place where you are back in control.


The only person that puts you under stress is you.

You cannot change the world and make difficult and uncomfortable situations go away, but your response can help define how manageable or unmanageable those situations become. We know overreacting makes a situation substantially worse. There are usually two reactions to a difficult situation. A passive reaction or an aggressive reaction. Each one will give you a different outcome and stress level. Taking control back of a difficult situation is key. It will reduce stress and lead to a much better feeling of positivity and wellbeing. Practicing taking back control of situations cumulatively through the day, week or month will completely transform your mental fitness. 


If anything resonated with you today and you want more advice on how to achieve a positive mindset to propel your business forward get in contact.


Remember failing to learn is learning to fail.

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