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First let’s ask the million-dollar question: What does ‘quality of life’ mean to you?

For some people, having a good quality of life equals the big dream house, the flashy sports car, expensive holidays and of course, living life with an abundance of cash. But for others, happy quality of life means building relationships and enjoying a strong network of family and friends – without the need to live for excess.

In reality, great quality of life is where you’re at today. As an influential business owner, the importance of achieving a compatible work-life balance is often the difference between success and failure. Here’s some food for thought… consider how many professionals are perhaps not where they had envisioned themselves to be at this point. There is usually a reason for this.

Is it Time to Introduce Change?

Quality of life can be simplified as a by-product of our decisions, actions and achievements. If you want to improve your quality of life, it’s time to embrace the power of change. Whether it’s attitudes, lifestyle or business choices; once change becomes habitual, you’ll discover even the smallest adjustments can offer huge benefits.

Quality of Results

A positive catalyst for change is to measure the quality of results and daily output. Whether it’s reviewing your business skill set or analysing your abilities as an entrepreneur, managing director or CEO; results help us pinpoint whether or not things are working effectively.

Quality of Actions

Now let’s take a step back and think about where the quality of actions come in: What you do and how you do it. Remember, everything you have is based around decisions, so the quality of your decision-making process will always determine actions.

Quality of Questions

The quality of questions largely governs decisions asked, which is also a key area of business that requires improvement. If the facts are not there to begin with, assumptions can be the root cause of miscommunication. And while some people have the ability to make exceptional decisions, others may need a little help in this department – and that’s OK. It’s all about asking the right type of questions.

Quality of Beliefs and Dreams

But to ask the correct questions, you must relate these back to your beliefs and dreams. People will always tailor questions specific to their own beliefs, goals and dreams. At the end of the day, we’re all human, which means we have the power to control our own destiny and think BIGGER. But where some people fall into the ‘coasting’ trap is when their self-limiting beliefs become normal. It’s important to understand that restricting beliefs usually come from a lack of understanding or education earlier on in life.

Here’s the reality: No business owner was born having everything figured out. It takes time, practice, effort and training, but you CAN learn to become wealthy.

Quality of Training and Mentorship

We’re all different, and we each learn at a different pace to the next person. So if you’ve realised that your business is not where you’d like it to be, the next step is to revisit this bottom layer and look at your quality of training and/or mentorship. Unlike the more traditional methods adopted by the industrial age, we’re extremely fortunate to live in an age of exciting ways to learn new skills. From books and audiobooks to video tutorials and online webinars, there’s an abundance of resources for you to divulge and apply to your own business.

Connect with Peter Boolkah – The Transition Guy

If your goal is to reap the rewards from all this information, you must prioritise and choose the right mentor. After all, the knowledge worker age has become more apparent, so as business owners, we must be able to stay current. By relearning the foundations, this extra training will fill any knowledge or educational gaps that could be working against your dream work/life balance.

So if any of the above resonates and you’d like to identify where your business is stuck on the ladder, get in contact at Boolkah.com. Let’s work together and improve your quality of life.

…and remember, failing to learn is learning to fail.

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