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The Cornerstone of Success

One of the most important things I coach clients on is the value of having a good team around you. If you want to be at the top of your game you need your A-team on the bus with you. There’s no room for tourists on my bus!

I’m fortunate to have an outstanding group of people supporting me. This team allows me to focus on you, my client entirely.

From a marketing department to technical support, a client contact team and a Personal Assistant, I’ve got all the bases covered to ensure I can dedicate my time to focusing on how best I can help you.


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James Pugh & Mark Sapsford

We welcome James and Mark to the team who bring decades of Merger & Acquisitions experience through hundreds of client transactions backed by an abundance of positive client testimonials. They pride themselves on giving clients ethical and effective advice, whether that’s finding targets to complete a buy and build a strategy or when looking to exit your business.


James Pugh

Completing well over 40 M&A transactions is not James’ proudest achievement: it’s the way they got done that matters more to him – and his clients. Some of Europe’s most successful entrepreneurs would testify that it was the combination of tireless energy, boundless patience, relevant expertise, cross-border experience, and good humour that made the difference between transactional success and frustrating setbacks.

He has founded, grown, and exited several businesses of his own, understanding and seeing issues from all perspectives. A natural entrepreneur, James avowed intent is to be an antidote to corporate mediocrity.

James holds a degree in Accounting with Banking and Finance from Cardiff Business School.


Mark Sapsford

Few professionals have led, overseen, or facilitated quite as many successful transactions as Mark, in as many jurisdictions. His tally exceeds 45, but he has overseen at least 100 more, leading teams in the UK, USA, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, South Africa, Middle East Australia. This breadth of experience has given him a rare insight into global best practices, international contacts, and unearthing opportunities. Matching depth derives from past lives in the RAF, oil industry, and recruitment.


Peter is delighted to have James and Mark on board and looks forward to helping clients achieve their end goals for their business. As with all aspects of business coaching, it’s important to have expert knowledge and experience to rely on when you’re entering unchartered waters. James and Marks’ combined experience will benefit and bring confidence to, any business owners looking to merge or sell their business.

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