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Owning Your Marketing and Growing Your Business

Make marketing your business

Ensure it is part of the DNA of your organisation. Consider it as part of your business strategy from the inception. Brian Clayton is the co-founder of mobile app Greenpal, he says “Business owners often pour all their hard work into starting the product and service and then sprinkle a little marketing over the top. That is a recipe for disaster”. What he means is that it is not enough to dabble in marketing, every business big and small needs a robust and clear marketing strategy from the beginning to drive it forward. Successfully getting your product or service out to your customer base is as important as the product itself. Marketing innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organisation. 


Get good at marketing early on

As a CEO, consider it to be one of your core competencies. If you are not a natural born marketeer, learn how to become one. 


Here are some tips: Communicate with your customers. Listen to what they want and need from you or your product. Solve any problems they may have. Know what your marketing needs are. Handing it over to an external marketing agency won’t always work if you haven’t done your due diligence. For example, learn copywriting skills. You are the expert on your subject, share that expertise in blog posts. Create content. Think about what content works for your audience. Do they ingest information visually by video, aurally by podcast or verbally via articles? Consider social media content. Make your product real for your customers. Even a tech product like an app can be successful on social media with before and after shots of people using it, or videos. When creating content ask yourself what would make you buy your product. Tailor your content to that. Marketing has changed largely thanks to the internet. It is complex but there is more opportunity to spread your net far and wide. Work out what marketing channels are growing your customer base and concentrate on those. It is often wise to concentrate on two channels to begin with. Do not spread yourself thinly on all of them. Social media channels have different audiences and uses. For example, a fashion business is going to perform better on instagram than any other channel. The Greenpal app that Bryan Clayton co founded is described as the Uber for lawn care product hire, so they focus heavily on local SEO to get customers.


Existing companies can still revamp their marketing strategies

If you are an existing company it is not too late to reassess your marketing strategy. Now is a good time as businesses everywhere look to reset. Take your business back to basics, find out what is working and what is not. Then rebuild it from the inside out. Allocating time to work on your business rather than in your business is key to growth. Over time you will learn what marketing strategies are working and those that are not. With this knowledge, you can start outsourcing. Hire experts. You can maximise parts of your social media strategy by hiring someone who has a proven track record in that area. If you are hiring experts, do not just choose the cheapest, pick the best you can afford. It is a false economy to buy in less experience for more time. 


Analytics and why they are so important

Keep assessing where the strengths in your marketing strategy are. How many people visited your site, how long did they stay, what was the conversion rate and most importantly where did these customers come from? Then you can start allocating money to maximise these areas and grow your customer/client base. Keep learning about marketing. It is constantly evolving. Do not get left behind. Allocate some of your time per week to listening to business growth podcasts or go to ‘YouTube University’ and learn what is fresh and new in the marketing world. Some of what you learn you will be able to apply to your own business. Ultimately marketing will produce leads which will turn into sales to drive the profit of your business. A product or service without customers or clients will fail. Marketing is a tool to educate your customers on the product. This means less time needs to go into sales pitches. Through clever marketing content your customer base will already know what they need to know about your product. Marketing does the selling for you.


If you want more information on how to ensure marketing grows your business please get in touch via the contact page. To listen to ‘The Transition Guy’ podcast episode with Bryan Clayton mentioned above please click here.

Remember, failing to learn is learning to fail. 


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