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The Truth About Podcasts


As an individual or large business how can a podcast benefit you in terms of marketing and growth? The amount of people listening to podcasts has reached a new high this year with 485 million people worldwide accessing the medium. Podcasts can be a brilliant marketing strategy and generate real leads for you.


On my YouTube Channel and podcast The Transition Guy, I was joined by Kristin Molenaar, CEO of YesBoss, a digital agency that helps service-based business owners book podcast features, so they can generate new leads in just one hour per week. She says “podcasting is networking on steroids”. 


So, here are my podcasting tips:


Be in it for the long haul.

A podcast is not a quick results medium. It offers visibility and benefits for both parties. It is about building relationships with other business owners, companies and individuals. Building relationships is at the root of all marketing and is the only strategy that stands the test of time. Don’t become disillusioned if your podcast doesn’t attract 100,000 listeners immediately. Find a formula and a strategy. What do you want to gain from your podcast? What is your aim? How can you develop and leverage relationships with other podcasters and guests to meet those aims? It is not always about getting the most downloads or being on the most downloaded podcast. If you foster relationships with hosts you might be able to infiltrate their email list. You might find an opportunity for a joint venture partnership which could fiscally benefit both of you. Think of it as a profitability relationship. You are not just creating content for today, you are creating content for tomorrow.


Evergreen content:

What can your podcast offer the listener that will add value to them? People are interested in the action behind the story and how you have achieved your successes. The best podcast episodes are ones that give people actionable advice. When we work with clients, we are always asking them, do you have a methodology behind the way you work? Is there a way that you get people their results? Talk about those stories and be an open book about the things that give people that difference and how you make more impact in your client’s lives. By sharing that information with the audience they will trust you and ultimately see you as somebody they want to work with. It could be that they have someone within their network who could benefit from what you do. This is how referrals happen.  People invest in experience. Podcasts become a great investment and a catalyst to get you to your destination quicker. 


Don’t dismiss smaller scale or new podcasts:

Kristen says that she has benefitted from getting in with podcasts that are in the beginning stages. Those have been some of her most profitable relationships. Why? As a newer podcaster they’re putting a lot more effort into promoting their episodes. So as the guest, you are getting even more bandwidth and promotion. 


Best way of promoting your podcasts:

From a guest perspective sharing other podcasts can be a credibility booster, often via your email list. It is not just about driving traffic to your podcast, it is about becoming part of communities. We see it all the time on social media. Groups share recommendations on facebook and LinkedIn. Even if they don’t listen to the podcast, the credibility that you have in that community goes up. If you are not seeing the traffic promotion just from pushing an episode as a guest on someone else’s podcast, if people are not actually clicking over, don’t underestimate what it is doing to your reputation. From a host perspective just having people in your networks see that you are doing a podcast, elevates your credibility. Kristen says “I’ve had people hire me because they have seen that I’m a guest on podcasts. When I talked to them, I asked them what episode they found me on. It comes out that they haven’t ever actually listened to any of the episodes but my credibility has been elevated in their mind because of the kind of media placement that I have.” Promotion is not always via the obvious routes.


Remember podcasting is about building relationships both as a guest and a host. Work out how to foster and develop relationships as a podcaster. Podcasting is a form of marketing which has a human element to it. It brings barriers down, builds and fosters genuine relationships which will stand the test of time and benefit your business.


To listen to my podcast The Transition Guy, where I interview top business experts and CEO’s on their paths to success, head over to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.


And remember, failing to learn is learning to fail. 


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