Top 10 Public Speaking Coaches - Peter Boolkah

In a world where communication is crucial, talking your way to the top isn’t as easy as it sounds. Picture this, you’re a leader; you’ve got the ideas, the vision, and the team, but when the spotlight is on, your voice wavers. The power of public speaking is no secret. It’s the gear that drives your leadership abilities, showing off your originality, critical thinking, and, above all, your professionalism.

It’s more than just a valuable tool in the job market; it’s a lifeline for leaders. That’s why companies don’t hesitate to put their money where their mouth is, investing in public speaking workshops and coaches every year. But with so many coaches out there, how do you choose? Fear not; we’ve got you covered with our top 10 public speaking coaches.

Top 10 Public Speaking Coaches - Peter Boolkah

Our List of Best Top Ten Public Speaking Coaches

Ready to start your transformational journey toward becoming a better communicator? Get to know the top speech coaches for 2024. These experts provide personalized guidance to help you express your thoughts clearly and confidently, whether it’s in person or online. They can help you refine your authentic voice, enhance your body language, and get better at stress management.

1. Peter Boolkah




Often referred to affectionately as The Transition Guy, Peter Boolkah is one of the best coaches in the UK and worldwide in the field of business and leadership coaching. In addition to his expertise in business coaching, Boolkah has also excelled in the realm of public speaking. Despite starting with limited presentation skills, he has honed his abilities over the years and now appears as a regular keynote speaker. With his specialist knowledge in growth and business sales, Boolkah captivates audiences of thousands, sharing his insights and experiences.

He is celebrated for his focused, hands-on approach that delivers measurable results. With extensive experience in helping business owners overcome challenges, Boolkah provides invaluable support to those navigating the complexities of their ventures. He paves the way for success, ensuring it is not only impactful but also financially secure.

Boolkah’s significant contributions to this field have been widely recognized. He became the first and only awardee from the EMEA region to join the esteemed ActionCOACH Hall of Fame in 2013. His ability to retain clients, as evidenced by the Best Client Retention award he received from 2014 to 2019, is a testament to his dedication and the value he brings to business leaders.

With over two decades of coaching experience, Boolkah’s influence extends beyond individual companies to enrich entire communities. This is exemplified by his consecutive wins of the EMEA Most Community Impact award from 2016 to 2019, as well as the Global Biggest Community Impact award in 2017. His outstanding performance was further acknowledged when he was named Regional Coach of the Year in 2018.

Most recently, Boolkah was honored with the prestigious EMEA Coach of the Year award for 2023. Through these accolades, Peter Boolkah has undoubtedly established himself as one of the world’s leading business coaches, with his influence resonating across nations and making a significant impact in the business world.

2. James W. Rose

James W. Rose is a highly respected figure in leadership and education. He is an esteemed alumnus of Cortland State and Columbia University. Rose is a seasoned public speaker, covering a wide range of topics. His latest book, “Boss: The Handbook for Anyone Who Has a Boss or Anyone Who Would Like to Be a Boss,” was published in 2022 and received an honorable mention at the 2023 New York Book Fest.

Rose is committed to helping others improve their communication skills and draws from his extensive background in education, leadership roles, and experience as a first responder. He is always positive and understands the difference between professional challenges and life-changing events. He has observed that many presenters overlook the practical application of knowledge gained from workshops. To address this, he ensures that his workshops focus on practical execution, not just theory.

3. Alex Chávez

Known as a Master Coach in Human Development, Alex Chávez has accumulated over a decade of experience in coaching and training. His entrepreneurial mindset led him to establish his own company, the International Centre for Coaching and Business. Recognised for his significant achievements, Chávez was listed as one of the top 100 men in Mexico by TVNotas magazine in 2020. Apart from running his successful company, Chávez is a prolific speaker who has delivered talks in major cities across Mexico and the United States.

As an author, Chávez wrote the book “How to Achieve Financial Freedom Doing What You Love”, where he provides invaluable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs on creating their own success stories. What sets Chávez’s coaching method apart from others is his personal and partnership-oriented approach. He is not just a lecturer but a motivational speaker who guides people in their personal development, helping them transform from their ‘microworld’ to ‘macroworld.’ His style is active and empowerment-focused, utilizing a wide range of techniques to ensure successful learning.

What makes Chávez stand out as a successful coach is his commitment to creating growth programmes that promote personal and professional fulfilment. This commitment extends beyond paid avenues to include free programmes, such as the Human Development Coach Certification, the Pro Coach Mastery programme, and the Coaching Mondays programme. Chávez’s success as a coach, therefore, stems from his approach to individuals and his dedication to their growth.

4. Kevin Sheridan

Kevin Sheridan, widely recognized as a leading authority, is a bestselling author, and a highly sought-after keynote speaker and mentor. For five years, Inc. Magazine named him one of the top 101 Leadership Speakers globally. Renowned for his insightful talks at national and international conferences, including those by the National Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) and Harvard Business School, Kevin has an unparalleled reputation in public speaking, earning immense respect from peers and clients.

Sheridan leverages his 35 years of experience as a top-level Human Capital Management consultant. His work involves helping some of the largest global corporations revitalize a culture that fosters productive engagement. His brainchild, PEER®, is widely recognized as a groundbreaking innovation in Employee Engagement. This creation has transformed how businesses perceive and nurture their most valuable asset – their employees.

His first book, “Building a Magnetic Culture”, caused a sensation, reaching six bestseller lists, including prestigious names like The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. Sheridan later authored “The Virtual Manager”, a comprehensive guide on effectively managing remote workers.

Sheridan attributes his coaching success to one fundamental aspect – mastering the art of listening. His method involves thoroughly understanding each individual he coaches and their employees, aided by in-depth interviews and a variety of assessments. Importantly, Sheridan’s coaching is not a one-time event. Instead, it’s an ongoing journey of interactions and measurements, allowing the individual being coached (and potentially their supervisor) to witness significant improvements over time.

5. Dr. Paula C Perez

Dr. Paula C Perez is widely recognized as a bestselling author, esteemed educator, and dedicated coach who wholeheartedly empowers single Christian women to embrace their singleness while embarking on the journey towards matrimony. With a doctorate from Seton Hall and over three decades of experience in the field of education, Dr. Paula shares her personal love story through her memoir, “49-Year-Old Virgin: Delayed Not Denied.” She currently resides in upstate New York with her husband.

Dr. Perez offers faith-based coaching that provides compassionate support to singles by leveraging a proven 4-step framework designed to help them attract the perfect partner for a long-lasting, faithful marriage. This framework, rooted in biblical teachings and supported by data, integrates assessments, personal reflection activities, and individual coaching focused on relationship goals. It is this comprehensive strategy that increases clients’ chances of achieving success.

Under her guidance, clients work on building their self-awareness and improving their self-care practices. They gain clarity, learn to express self-love, and establish healthy boundaries in all aspects of dating – spiritual, emotional, and physical. Dr. Perez walks alongside her clients on their journey towards self-acceptance and wholeness, nurturing them to be the best versions of themselves. This process, she believes, helps attract their ideal partners and is the secret to lasting love.

6. Vikas Jain

Vikas Jain is a widely recognized and highly acclaimed speaker, author, and a presentation coach known globally for his impactful words and insights that have inspired countless businesses and individuals to achieve remarkable levels of success and growth. With over 17 years of industry experience, Jain has delivered more than 300 programs and workshops for various organisations, including renowned names such as Yamaha, Dell, Intel, and Greenply.

His journey as an entrepreneur led him to establish WIN – World-Class Innovation Network. Jain’s impressive portfolio also includes roles at IBM and McAfee, with a notable job offer from Microsoft. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science from Hansraj College and a Master’s degree in Computer Applications from the University of Delhi.

Jain’s coaching philosophy is unique and transformative. He empowers leaders to utilize high-performance techniques that the top 1% of leaders and professionals employ, including “Deep Expertise Muscle” and “Deliberate Practice”. His coaching focuses on helping individuals master the traits and behaviors of the top 1% – Excellence, Motivation, and Innovation (EMI). Ultimately, their journey towards mastery helps build their thought leadership and positions them among world-class professionals.

7. Brad Sugars

Brad Sugars, a well-known entrepreneur globally, stands tall as a force in the world of business coaching. As a bestselling author and keynote speaker, he has influenced the business landscape for three decades. He has successfully led over nine companies, including the multi-million dollar franchise, ActionCOACH. Brad’s goal is to educate, inspire, and share knowledge with entrepreneurs and business owners, helping them avoid pitfalls and achieve significant results.

Brad is known for his candid and straightforward approach, focusing on necessities rather than desires. He assists business owners in transitioning from laborers to successful entrepreneurs, with a keen eye for spotting wealth and success opportunities. If you want to expand your business, amass wealth, and enjoy growth while doing what you love, investing your time in Brad Sugars as a business coach is worthwhile. His proven business principles and coaching expertise can elevate your business to new heights of success.

In addition to his achievements, Brad Sugars is an established figure in the speaking business. A captivating speaker himself, Sugars is known for his inspiring stage presence that fosters unity among audiences striving for peak success. With over three decades of entrepreneurial experience, Brad has faced the challenges of establishing, managing, and scaling businesses. He is dedicated to sharing his wealth of knowledge and expertise, helping other business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers overcome speech anxiety and become better communicators in order to stay ahead of the success curve.

Brad Sugars is a familiar face on various platforms, guiding thousands through talks at events like BizX, participating in Business Excellence forums, and numerous entrepreneurship podcast sessions. His credible voice resonates with the real challenges faced by today’s business owners.

8. Ryan Millar

Ryan Millar, originally from Canada but now based in Amsterdam, has gained a reputation as a coach, story trainer, and communications consultant. Millar’s coaching style is distinctive, drawing from his background in acting and improv. He empowers individuals to confidently take the stage and captivate any audience. His latest book, “The Confident Presenter,” provides practical insights and exercises to help readers become more skilled and self-assured speakers.

Millar’s approach to public speaking coaching goes beyond delivering a compelling presentation. He focuses on self-awareness, understanding one’s own story, and using speaking techniques that educate and leave a lasting impact. According to Millar, this process begins with self-reflection.

Millar’s success as a coach stems from his extensive experience as a stage performer and director. Throughout his career, he has explored various forms of performance, including stand-up comedy, improv, storytelling, theatre, and even freestyle rapping. He uses these experiences to assist individuals in captivating their audience. Working with Millar involves breaking free from old habits and embracing an authentic self-image.

9. Sonal Dave



Sonal Dave, a successful public speaking and presentation expert, writer, celebrant, and toastmaster, is well-known for her exceptional delivery and sought-after expertise. At the age of 50, Dave started her own business journey, gaining recognition through many awards and features in prominent publications. As an Indian woman living with a disability and having worked in the public sector, Dave has contributed to two books, sharing her unique experiences and insights.

What makes Dave stand out in the field of public speaking coaching? She focuses on helping both children and adults develop essential life skills like confident communication, storytelling, and interview skills. She points out the lack of teaching these skills in traditional schools or workplaces, even though they play a significant role in personal success. Dave’s teachings cover body language, voice control, self-acceptance, and more, helping international students adjust to life and university in the UK. Her courses also have CPD accreditation.

Dave believes that her ability to inspire others to pursue their dreams and invest in personal growth has been crucial. Her clients, both young and old, appreciate her willingness to share her knowledge and personal experiences. Having experienced life’s ups and downs, Dave connects with her clients, making it easy for them to engage and express themselves. In her coaching practice, she also encourages individuals to express their thoughts and emotions, providing additional support for their mental well-being.

10. Ronald Rotich

Ronald Rotich, a renowned coach, consultant, and a public speaking expert, uses a unique combination of neuroscience and public speaking techniques in his coaching practice. As a former toastmaster, Rotich has received prestigious awards, including winning the Table Topics contest in 2017 and the Humorous Speech Contest. He was also the 2nd runner up for Best of Toastmasters East Africa. As the CEO of RR Coaching, his main focus is on coaching, training, advisory, and consulting.

Working with Rotich is a life-changing experience. His special approach involves helping individuals, business executives, and organizations to become their best selves. He believes that the fear of public speaking often comes from deeper, subconscious obstacles. Using neuroscience principles, he guides his clients to identify and overcome these barriers, thus improving their skills for speaking in public, work performance, and overall quality of life.

Rotich attributes it to the application of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) principles, which have added depth to his public speaking coaching. These principles include techniques such as Timeline Therapy, the structure of beliefs and values, Core Transformation, Anchoring, the structure of a Subjective Experience, Reframing, and Breathing techniques. He emphasizes that exploring this field of neuroscience has been crucial in his journey. Rotich’s personal experience of struggling as a speaker and witnessing significant improvement after obtaining coaching certifications and applying these techniques to his own life allows him to understand and connect with his clients’ challenges, making him an effective and relatable coach.

Benefits of Working with Best Public Speaking Coaches

Working with top public speaking coaches can give you the confidence to present the best version of yourself when communicating with others and speaking in public. Using their wealth of knowledge and experience, these coaches can help you overcome public speaking anxiety and refine your full public speaking skills.

They can provide personalized guidance, pinpointing your strengths and weaknesses to create a tailored plan that suits your specific needs. Also, they can equip you with the necessary tools and techniques to manage stage fright, which is a common challenge for many. Techniques can range from controlling your breathing to adopting mental strategies that turn nervous energy into a powerful performance.

In addition to mastering the art of public speaking, the best coaches can assist you in crafting compelling stories that connect with your audience. They can offer advice on effective body language, voice modulation, and pacing, creating a more engaging and persuasive delivery. The feedback you receive from these coaches is invaluable, as they provide an objective perspective that friends or colleagues may not be able to offer.


Who is the father of public speaking?

The title “Father of Public Speaking” is often attributed to the ancient philosopher Aristotle. His work “Rhetoric” serves as a significant foundation for public speaking and communication principles, emphasizing the art of persuasion. Aristotle’s teachings continue to influence contemporary public speaking techniques and strategies.

What qualifications should a good public speaking coach have?

A competent public speaking coach should have a wealth of experience in public speaking, ideally with a track record of successful speeches. They should also have proven experience in coaching, showcasing their ability to effectively impart knowledge and skills. Formal qualifications in communication, psychology, or a related field can be beneficial.

Moreover, they should have excellent interpersonal skills, a deep understanding of speech craft, including elements like body language, pace, and tone, and the ability to provide constructive feedback. Additionally, a good coach stays updated with the latest trends and techniques in public speaking.

How much do public speaking coaches charge?

Public speaking coaching fees can vary widely based on the coach’s experience, reputation, and the length and format of the coaching sessions. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $500 per hour for one-to-one coaching. Group workshops or courses may cost less per individual but can still range from several hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the course’s length and content.

It’s important to note that while price is a factor, the value you receive from the coaching should be the primary consideration. A more expensive coach may provide a higher level of expertise and personalized attention, leading to better results and a greater return on your investment.

Can I hire a public speaking coach for a one-time event or do I need to commit to a series of sessions?

Yes, you can hire a great coach for a one-time event. However, to see substantial improvement and gain deep insight into your speaking style, it’s usually recommended to commit to a series of sessions. This allows time for practice, feedback, and refinement. Each coach may have a different structure and offering, so it’s best to discuss your needs and expectations upfront.

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