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Zig Ziglar, a beloved figure in the realm of motivational speaking and personal development, has left behind a remarkable legacy through his impactful books. His works deeply connect with individuals seeking guidance in sales, personal growth, and success strategies. Below, we explore a handpicked selection of Zig Ziglar’s most influential publications, each offering timeless wisdom that continues to inspire and empower people worldwide.

Zig Ziglar Biography

The late Hilary Hinton Zig Ziglar The late Zig Ziglar was a motivational speaker, teacher and trainer who traveled the world over delivering his messages of humor, hope, and encouragement. Recognised by his peers as the quintessential motivational genius of our times, he was also a prolific author who wrote over 30 influential books in his lifetime. His titles have been translated into more than thirty-eight languages and dialects

Born in Alabama in 1926 as the 10th of 12 children, Ziglar rose to prominence in the world of personal development and success training. By the time of his passing in 2012, Ziglar had amassed a fortune valued at approximately 15 million dollars—an attestation to his widespread influence and the effectiveness of his teachings.

Zig’s unique delivery style and powerful messages earned him many honors and left an indelible mark on countless individuals seeking guidance on living fulfilling lives. In the upcoming sections, we’ll explore Zig Ziglar’s best books, unveiling the powerful insights he shared on success, happiness, and leading a purposeful life.

15 Best Books by Zig Ziglar

In the list below, we present the 15 best books authored by Zig Ziglar, each a testament to his profound influence on personal development literature. These carefully curated titles will serve as your guide to mastering the art of motivation and achieving your own peaks of success.

1. Secrets of Closing the Sale

In “Secrets of Closing the Sale,” Zig Ziglar demystifies the essence of securing affirmative responses, whether it’s in boardrooms, classrooms, or the everyday transactions of life. Ziglar asserts that the art of selling extends beyond commerce; it permeates every facet of our interactions. As educators inspire their pupils, and professionals advocate for their services, the core principles of persuasion apply universally, developing a profound understanding of human behavior and communication.

Ziglar’s approach to closing is grounded in integrity and the provision of genuine value—never resorting to falsehoods or manipulation. Readers can expect to glean a wealth of knowledge on effective sales tactics, negotiation strategies, and real-world scenarios that serve to enhance comprehension and application in various situations.

2. See You at the Top

Zig Ziglar is also the author of See You at the Top — a title that has found its way to multiple best seller list and is still considered one of his greatest works. The book has graced over a million bookshelves in its hardcover edition. More than a mere call to career success; See You at the Top an invitation to ascend life’s summit with integrity, dedication, and grace. Rather than simply urging readers to reach their peak potential, Ziglar illuminates a path rich with selfless acts, perseverance despite setbacks, and an earnestness that transforms both personal and professional pursuits.

Through its pages, readers are encouraged to foster a mindset that treasures effort and passion. Ziglar deftly guides us to understand that our loftiest achievements are found not in the solitary climb, but in the collective journey uplifted by the act of aiding others. It imparts the essence of true success—the kind measured by the depth of our relationships and the joy found in genuine effort.

As Ziglar’s philosophy unfolds, we delve into a myriad of life’s facets: goal setting, motivation, ethical conduct, and unwavering self-belief, each stepping stone to a rewarding ascent, emphasizing the importance of every statement made and action taken along the way.

3. Born to Win

In “Born to Win,” the renowned author and speaker lays out a compelling roadmap to personal triumph, ensuring readers that while the journey to the apex of one’s aspirations may be arduous, it’s also studded with joy and enlightenment. This engaging read is an indispensable guide for those hungry for not just the triumphs career success can bring but also the exhilaration that comes with the climb.

Throughout the book, Ziglar generously shares his treasure trove of strategies and insights, each chapter infused with life-altering potential designed to energize and equip you for the road ahead.

Ziglar was a staunch advocate for well-rounded preparation, emphasizing a balanced life with robust health and enriching relationships as cornerstones for chasing and achieving dreams. His wisdom in these pages is a testament to a lifetime of accomplishments; his counsel, rooted in the practice of meticulous preparation and goal-setting, is invaluable. This tome distills the essence of Ziglar’s philosophy: the notion that articulating a clear plan followed by decisive action is the linchpin to realizing one’s objectives.

4. Top Performance

“Top Performance” stands as a compelling compendium brimming with practical insights and foundational principles vital for refining one’s interpersonal and communication skills. Zig Ziglar’s penultimate work serves as a masterclass in personal development; it’s suffused with the knowledge that a staggering 85% of individual success hinges on adeptness in these very areas. This is not merely a book of theory but is loaded with actionable guidance on nurturing the aptitude necessary to captivate and connect with others.

In every chapter, Ziglar distills his years of expertise into real-world tips and tactics designed to enhance your desirability as a professional and as a person. He delves deep into the art of persuasion, showing how the capacity to resonate and engage with people translates directly to success in business and beyond. Ziglar also shines a light on the transformative potential lying in the skill of active listening and enabling others to share their aspirations and pursue greatness alongside you.

As you read, “Top Performance” becomes a treasury of strategies bolstered by vivid case studies, bridging the gap between theoretical principles and tangible success. The book is a launchpad for experimentation in daily interactions with colleagues, supervisors, and beyond, offering a field of practice where these teachings can come to life. A testament to Ziglar’s authoritative voice in personal excellence, this book remains a vital stepping stone for anyone keen to command respect and authority in their endeavors.

5. Ziglar on Selling

“Zigar on Selling” dives into the heart of success within the challenging realm of sales, tackling the crucial question: How do you excel in your sales career while maintaining a healthy life balance? Zig Ziglar, with his characteristic blend of wisdom and warmth, dispenses vital guidance for navigating this high-pressure profession. He approaches the art of selling as a holistic lifestyle, one that includes managing stress, sustaining healthy relationships, and preparing for the future—all without sacrificing personal happiness and well-being.

In his book, Ziglar offers not just a prescription for achieving sales targets, but also for fostering a well-rounded and fulfilling life. He emphasizes the importance of being a good person first—a principle that transcends into professional life, reflecting that the quality of one’s character is paramount in becoming a top-tier salesperson. Ziglar imparts his knowledge generously, interspersing practical advice with inspiration and personal stories that resonate just as much with the heart as they do with the head.

Through the pages of “Ziglar on Selling,” readers are invited into a journey that balances life and work, success and health, showcasing that it is possible to achieve professional greatness while still enjoying the moments that one can truly call their own. Ziglar’s insights serve as both a roadmap and a reminder of the profound connection between who we are and how we perform in the ever-evolving dance of selling.

6. Success for Dummies

Zig Ziglar’s “Success for Dummies” is essentially a blueprint for a rewarding life that transcends the conventional metrics of success. Its pages are brimming with nugable wisdom and actionable advice that addresses both professional aspirations and personal well-being. Ziglar’s engaging style transports his readers beyond the mere accumulation of wealth and possessions, inviting them to measure triumph through the lens of personal contentment and the tapestry of their relationships.

His approach is one of holistic improvement — the book is packed with guidance that encourages job satisfaction, personal income growth, and career vitality, all the while fostering relationships that enrich our work and domestic lives. Ziglar’s voice is that of an experienced mentor guiding us through the intricacies of goal setting and motivation, always steering us back to the significance of a positive mindset.

As with his seminars and other writings, Ziglar in “Success for Dummies” lays out a straightforward and effective formula for achievement. It’s replete with inspirational anecdotes and stories of real success, serving as a motivational tool for anyone seeking clarity, purpose, and greater fulfillment in their lives. Through Ziglar’s teachings, we learn that success is habit-forming and that sustainable achievement is within reach when we prioritize our health, foster robust relationships, and build trust within our community. This volume stands as a testament to Ziglar’s enduring wisdom on nurturing success in every aspect of life.

Raising Positive Kids

7. Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World

In “Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World,” Zig Ziglar addresses the complex tapestry of today’s parenting landscape. He acknowledges the bombardment of influences from the Internet, cable television, and video games that make daily inroads into our children’s minds. Ziglar poses crucial questions: How do parents navigate this barrage of potentially harmful distractions? What strategies can be employed to cultivate a balanced, nurturing environment essential for their children’s positive development in a society rife with pressures?

Ziglar leans on his wellspring of experience as both a motivational speaker and a parent to offer time-honored solutions to these modern-day dilemmas. He reassures parents that although the mediums may have changed, the core challenges mirror those of previous generations, and the foundational principles of good parenting remain constant. Through this latest version of his classic work, Ziglar equips parents with the tools needed to skillfully steer their children through the trials of growing up.

Emphasizing the importance of robust communication, Ziglar guides readers to reach their children’s hearts, regardless of their age, with love and understanding. “The New Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World” is not just a book on discipline and setting boundaries; it is a comprehensive approach to nurturing children’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It draws from various research and Ziglar’s personal narratives, offering parents a recipe to foster respectful, healthy, and well-rounded individuals. Ziglar’s advice, as relevant and effective as ever, underscores the profound impact parents have in shaping their children’s characters and futures.

8. Goals

“Goals” by Zig Ziglar stands as a testament to the transformative power of setting and achieving objectives in both personal and professional realms. Ziglar instills in his readers the belief that success is within reach for anyone willing to embrace discipline, focus, and persistent effort. His practical guide is neatly categorized into three vital sections: Planning, Preparation, and Performance, fostering a structured approach to goal fulfillment.

In the Planning section, Ziglar champions the SMART goal-setting framework, advocating for goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. He outlines a meticulous plan of action, which involves aligning one’s values with their pursuits, prioritizing effectively, and breaking daunting tasks into smaller, actionable steps.

The Preparation portion delves into cultivating a positive mindset and an attitude geared toward success. Ziglar emphasizes the critical role of self-discipline, awareness, and the ability to bounce back from setbacks. He encourages continual personal growth and learning as cornerstones of preparation for achievement.

The Performance section is centered on the execution and accomplishment of goals. Here, Ziglar offers strategies to maintain motivation, avoid procrastination, and persevere through challenges. His guidance for handling failure and striking a balance between work and life is both practical and inspiring.

Interspersed with anecdotes from Ziglar’s life, tales of prominent business figures and athletes, “Goals” stands as much a narrative as it is a guide. The inclusion of exercises and worksheets underlines Ziglar’s commitment to the reader’s active participation in their own journey of success. The book is not just another self-help manuscript, but a comprehensive toolkit for those aspiring to turn their dreams into reality.

9. How to stay motivated?

In the transformative series “How to Stay Motivated,” Zig Ziglar imparts a critical understanding of what it takes to retain ambition and propulsion, especially when faced with adversity. The journey begins with the inaugural book, designed to enhance four pivotal areas: abilities, skills, qualities, and attitudes. This framework is central to Ziglar’s philosophy; he emphasizes the continuous expansion of these faculties to ensure perpetual growth and the achievement of success that knows no bounds. What sets this series apart is the holistic approach it embodies, fortifying readers to rise above challenges and maintaining an unyielding zest for personal and professional elevation.

The second installment, sharing its name with the series, delves deeper. It is dense with sage advice on ascending the ladder in life and business. Here, Ziglar teaches the art of leadership, the wisdom of strategic repositioning, and the ongoing process of self-improvement. It’s a guidebook for those committed to cultivating profound changes that resonate beyond the superficial layers of success, touching upon the very core of impactful existence.

Concluding the series is “The Goals Program,” a powerful exploration of purpose-setting that lays out pragmatic and insightful strategies for productivity and fulfillment. As Ziglar’s parting wisdom, this book encapsulates the quintessential need for deliberate goal setting, offering readers a concrete plan on the art of achievement. Collectively, these three volumes constitute a must-read trove for aspiring individuals dedicated to maximizing their life and career in alignment with Ziglar’s timeless principles.

10. Better Than Good

“Better Than Good” is a vibrant addition to the prolific array of Ziglar’s works, energizing readers to muster the courage for action and embrace the pursuit of their life’s ambitions. This book is teeming with inspiration, crafted to propel one towards the realization of their fullest potential and to cultivate a lifestyle that transcends mediocrity. With Ziglar’s characteristic fervor for life and deep-rooted values, this book is not just an instruction manual for success, but a passionate call to live with purpose and exuberance.

The impact of “Better Than Good” cannot be overstated; it is more than a source of tips and techniques—it is a wellspring of transformative thought. The book’s remarkable capacity to illuminate the path to joy and accomplishment encompasses far more than immediate goals or single projects. It is about enriching your entire future, fostering a life abundant in happiness, motivation, and achievement. Ziglar interweaves his deep faith throughout, offering solace and encouragement to maintain hope and find self-motivation.

Diving into “Better Than Good,” you encounter a guide steeped in wisdom, urging you to ask the profound question, “How can I live a better life?” Ziglar responds with an inspiring blueprint that is both deeply personal yet universally applicable, a testament to his lifelong dedication to imparting his knowledge and fervor for a fulfilled, God-loving life.

11. The One Year Daily Insights with Zig Ziglar

In “The One Year Daily Insights with Zig Ziglar,” readers find a treasure trove of wisdom suffused within the pages of a unique daily reader. Perfect for a year-long journey of reflection and growth, this book offers a page of Ziglar’s quintessential thoughts and quotable wisdom for each day, distilling decades of his profound insights into manageable, daily bites of knowledge. It’s crafted to not only enlighten but also to enkindle the spark of motivation within the hearts of its readers.

This book stands as a jubilant celebration of Ziglar’s legacy, providing an abundance of empowerment and motivation. Whether it’s from the historical stages where he shared his insights with notable presidents or through his impactful books that have reached multitudes, Ziglar’s ability to inspire greatness is renowned. Within these pages, you’re set to embark on a year-long quest enriched by the celebrated mediator of personal achievement, imbued with the power to inspire change and kindle a passion for living life to the fullest.

12. Courtship After Marriage

In “Courtship After Marriage,” Zig Ziglar brings to light the often overlooked dedication required to nurture love amidst a fast-paced, self-focused world. His critical message: that the maintenance of love’s bond is much more than mere chance or sentimentality—it is an active, thoughtful undertaking. Ziglar moves against the cultural tide of viewing diminished love as justification for marital dissolution by emphasizing the empowering choice to love and the value of perseverance.

Ziglar, drawing from over half a century of marriage with his beloved wife, Jean, exposes the myths of the fading spark and instead showcases a relationship that blossoms with time. Filled with intimate anecdotes and fueled by Ziglar’s unwavering conviction, this book is not simply an exploration of romance but a meticulous map guiding couples through the renovation of their commitment. Ziglar delineates strategic, time-honored practices that fortify marriage against the transient whims of society, ensuring that the marital foundation not only endures but also thrives in the relentless flux of daily life.

13. Embrace the Struggle

“Embrace the Struggle” is an inspiring composition by Zig Ziglar, tailored for those who find themselves intermittently ensnared in life’s inevitable trials and tribulations. This book, enriched with Ziglar’s boundless optimism and practical wisdom, serves as a powerful reminder that adversity is not an obstacle but a necessary catalyst for growth and achievement. Ziglar encourages readers to recognize that each challenge holds the key to unlocking one’s potential and insists that a life worth living is one that confronts and overcomes the barriers set before us.

Ziglar’s narrative is a masterful blend of uplifting anecdotes and step-by-step strategies, ensuring that this book is not only a source of comfort but also a practical guide for resilient living. He persuades us that resilience and persistence, coupled with a positive mindset, can transform even the most daunting struggles into victories. So for anyone grappling with life’s complexities and in search of literary solace and guidance, “Embrace the Struggle” emerges as a compelling beacon of hope, urging readers to rise above and beyond their current limits.

14. How to Get What You Want

“How to Get What You Want” unfolds as a dynamic guide by Zig Ziglar, aimed at dismantling the barriers of reluctance towards goal-setting. With his characteristic zeal and persuasive expertise, Ziglar confronts the common skepticism that often surrounds the practice of defining ambitions. This book not only champions the necessity of goal-setting as the cornerstone of success but also provides a detailed formula for its execution. Accompanied by Ziglar’s signature humor and riveting stories, readers are treated to a mentorship experience that is as entertaining as it is enlightening.

Ziglar’s guidance doesn’t shy away from the challenges and risks associated with chasing dreams but instead, welcomes them as integral components of the journey. He deftly interlaces strategies to elevate one’s self-image, ensuring that readers are equipped to scale the heights of their aspirations. Reading “How to Get What You Want” is akin to enjoying a thoughtful conversation over dinner with the master of motivation himself, leaving you transformed with a renewed mindset focused on achieving your personal best. Through Ziglar’s guidance, you can expect a remarkable shift in your life’s trajectory, rich with personal growth and fulfillment.

15. The Motivation Master Course

“The Motivation Master Course” is a meticulously curated anthology, selectively drawing from the wisdom of 33 top-tier authors from the esteemed Nightingale-Conant collection. This compilation is a treasure trove designed to arm individuals with the resilience needed to remain buoyant in the tumultuous sea of pessimism that often engulfs our world. This book does more than offer motivational mantras—it delves into hours of expert discourse, serving up a refined menu of strategies to foster an unwaveringly positive daily practice.

This book distinguishes itself by offering a richly diverse array of authorial voices, each contributing their unique perspective on conquering life’s hurdles. It promises a transformational experience, converting passive knowledge into an actionable blueprint for not just surviving but thriving. With this arsenal of expertise, you will step into each day with the kind of irrepressible, “kick-butt” attitude that turns obstacles into stepping stones, ensuring that the chasm between success and mediocrity is no longer an impediment but a relic of your past.

Zig Ziglar’s Approach to Motivation and Success

Zig Ziglar’s approach to motivation and success is deeply rooted in the concept of positive self-image and the power of goal setting. He firmly believed that the first step to achieving greatness lies within one’s own perception of themselves. Ziglar propounded that success starts with a strong foundation of self-belief and confidence, which in turn fosters determination and resilience. He was a strong advocate for detailed planning and setting clear, actionable steps towards one’s goals. His philosophy was encapsulated in the idea that daily habits and attitudes shape a person’s journey toward achieving their dreams.

Ziglar’s teachings also emphasized the value of integrity, character, and the importance of maintaining a balance across various facets of one’s life—be it personal, family, or career. He conveyed that success is not an endpoint but a continuous journey of personal improvement and adaptation. Ziglar’s charismatic, hopeful outlook on life and his ability to translate that into practical strategies have empowered countless individuals to improve their quality of life by finding purpose and joy in their pursuits of success.

How to Choose the Right Zig Ziglar Book for You?

Selecting the right Zig Ziglar book effectively means aligning Ziglar’s extensive topics with your personal aspirations and the areas you wish to enhance in your life. Start by conducting a self-assessment to truly understand what motivates you, as well as pinpointing the hurdles that you regularly face. Are you in search of a general life philosophy to build resilience and a positive outlook? If so, “See You at The Top” could provide foundational encouragement.

If goal-setting and productivity are where you seek guidance, “How to Get What You Want” might be the catalyst your routine needs. For those dealing with direct adversity and looking for empowerment to persevere, “Embrace the Struggle” offers solace and strategies. Reflect on what success means to you, and choose a volume that not only speaks to your current state but also to the vision of who you intend to become. Ziglar’s books are there to accompany you across different stages of your personal and professional journey.


Who mentored or inspired Zig Ziglar?

Zig Ziglar was notably influenced by many titans of the personal development and motivational speaking world. His inspirational demeanor and emphasis on positive thinking were deeply rooted in his Christian faith. Ziglar often credited his transformative rebirth into the world of motivation and success to his conversion to Christianity in the 1970s.

He was also inspired by fellow motivational speakers such as Norman Vincent Peale, author of “The Power of Positive Thinking,” and by life experiences and the people he met through his sales career. However, he never pinpointed a single mentor or figure but rather drew inspiration from a myriad of sources throughout his life and career.

Why is Zig Ziglar famous?

Zig Ziglar became famous for his captivating speaking style, extensive work as an author, and his powerful messages of motivation, self-improvement, and success. He was a master at encouraging others to achieve greater levels of success and fulfillment in both their personal and professional lives. Ziglar’s ability to distill complex concepts into memorable quotes and stories allowed his teachings to resonate with a wide audience.

He is also renowned for his “Ziglar Wheel of Life,” a concept that promotes balanced personal development across various aspects of life, and for his contributions to goal-setting methodologies. His reputation was further cemented by his books, which sold millions of copies worldwide, and his seminars, which have inspired legions of people to take action and improve their lives.

What is Zig Ziglar´s best book?

Zig Ziglar’s best book is often debated, as his work has touched so many different aspects of personal and professional development. However, many consider “See You at the Top” to be his seminal work. First published in 1975, this enduring favorite emphasizes the importance of a positive outlook, setting and achieving goals, and building a strong character.

Ziglar’s accessible and conversational writing style, combined with his practical advice and engaging anecdotes, has made “See You at the Top” a must-read for anyone seeking to improve their life. Its timeless message is perhaps more relevant today than ever, inspiring new generations to strive for success in all aspects of their lives.

What is the best Zig Ziglar recording to listen to?

For those seeking to experience the infectious energy and wisdom of Zig Ziglar through audio, “The Zig Ziglar Legacy Collection” is often recommended as the best compilation to listen to. This collection encompasses some of Ziglar’s most impactful audio recordings, offering a comprehensive insight into his philosophy of success and personal development.

It includes seminars and lectures where Ziglar’s dynamic speaking style and powerful presence are on full display, allowing listeners to feel as though they are part of the live audience. These recordings not only cover a wide range of topics but also encapsulate Ziglar’s unparalleled ability to motivate and move his listeners to action through his spoken words.

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