Side Hustle Ideas: 30 Ways to Earn Extra Money in Your Spare Time - Peter Boolkah

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, finding new ways to earn a bit of extra cash has become the norm for many. And why not? After all, a side hustle does not only add some padding to your income, but it also opens up opportunities for you to explore your passions, hone new skills, and possibly stumble upon an entirely new career path.

From selling handmade crafts to offering your expertise as a consultant, the variety of side hustles is as diverse as the people who pursue them. Whether you’re a full-time employee looking to maximise your free time, a stay-at-home parent aiming to contribute to the family income, or a retiree seeking to keep the mind sharp and the wallet fuller, you’re in the right place. Let’s discover 30 lucrative ways to make money in today!

How to Find the Best Side Hustle Job for Yourself?

Finding the best way to make extra money can be like finding a needle in a haystack. With so many options, it’s overwhelming to know where to start. But don’t fret! It’s easier when you understand your skills, interests, and available time. In the next section, we’ll guide you through key considerations and strategies to find the perfect side hustle that aligns with your goals and lifestyle. Let’s dive in and turn your spare time into a profitable venture!

How Much Time Do You Have?

The first and perhaps most critical question to ask yourself when considering starting a side hustle is, “How much time do I have?” This will largely determine the type of side hustle you can undertake. If you’re working a full-time job or have extensive family commitments, your available hours might be limited. In contrast, if you’re part-time employed, retired, or have large swathes of free time, you’ll have more flexibility.

Be honest with yourself about how many hours you can dedicate to your side hustle each week. Remember that while it may be tempting to dive headfirst into your new venture, it’s important to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Overstretching yourself can lead to burnout, impacting both your main source of income and your side hustle. Understanding your time availability will help you select a side hustle that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle, rather than becoming a source of stress.

What Are Your Skills and Talents?

Taking stock of your skills and talents is a crucial next step in choosing the right side hustle for you. Start by making a list of all your abilities, knowledge areas, and natural talents. These might be professional skills acquired through your full-time job, technical or artistic talents you have, or even soft skills such as communication, leadership or problem-solving abilities.

It’s also worthwhile to consider any hobbies or personal interests that you’re particularly good at. Are you a whizz at baking, a talented photographer, or a tech enthusiast? These passions could be the key to unlocking a profitable side hustle. Once you’ve identified your skills and talents, you can begin exploring side hustle ideas that draw upon these.

What Are Your Main Goals?

Your main goals are another pivotal aspect to consider when deciding on a side hustle. Are you planning to earn a significant supplemental income, or are you more interested in turning your hobby into a side hustle? Are you looking to gain experience in a new field, or perhaps you’re testing the waters for a future full-time business?

Getting clear on your goals will help you narrow down the options and choose a side hustle that is not only lucrative but also aligns with your personal and professional aspirations. For instance, if your goal is to gain new skills, you might decide to take up freelance work in your area of interest. If you’re aiming to generate a substantial income, a side hustle with a wider customer base and higher earning potential would be more suitable, like creating and selling your own products online. On the other hand, if your primary goal is to pursue a passion, a hobby-turned-business might be your best bet.

Consider Your Environment

Your environment is key in finding the perfect side hustle. First, consider your physical surroundings. If you’re in a busy city, think about on-demand services like food delivery or ride-sharing. Tourist hotspots open doors to tour guiding or holiday letting. Rural areas offer unique opportunities in crafts, farming, or eco-based activities.

Next, think about your social circle. Networking is powerful for launching a side hustle, even when it comes to offering services online. If you’re into graphic design and have friends in small businesses, they could be your first clients or refer you to others. Finally, don’t forget your virtual environment. Thanks to digital tech, you can run a successful side hustle from home. Explore freelance writing, virtual assisting, online tutoring, and more.

Side Hustle Ideas - Peter Boolkah

30 Best Side Hustle Ideas to Earn Money On the Side

1. Freelancing

Freelancing stands proud as one of the most flexible and lucrative side hustles. As a freelancer, you’re able to capitalise on your existing skills, working on your terms and setting your own rates. Whether you’re a writer, a designer, a developer, a marketer, or have another professional skill, there’s likely a demand for your expertise.

Freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer, along with targeted job boards and social media networks, are perfect for showcasing your portfolio and connecting with potential clients. You can take on projects that align with your interests and work at a pace that suits your schedule.

The beauty of freelancing is that it can be as big or as small as you want it to be – you can take on a single project at a time, or juggle several if your time allows. Beyond the financial gain, freelancing can also aid in professional development, allowing you to refine your skills, work across diverse sectors, and build a robust professional network. And, you can eventually turn your side hustle into a full-blown business!

2. Transcribing

Transcribing is an excellent online side hustle for individuals who possess strong listening skills and a keen eye for detail. It involves converting audio or video content into written text, a service that is in high demand across various sectors, including legal, medical, entertainment, and academia. The beauty of transcribing is its flexibility. You’re able to work from anywhere with an internet connection, and you can easily fit this work into your schedule, making it an ideal option for individuals with full-time jobs.

Several online platforms, like Rev or TranscribeMe, provide a steady stream of transcription jobs for all skill levels. While the pay varies depending on the complexity of the task and the turnaround time, with experience and a reputation for accuracy, you can earn a significant income from transcription work.

It’s worth noting that while you can start transcribing with no formal training, courses and certifications in specialised transcription fields, such as legal or medical, can lead to higher-paying opportunities. Plus, transcribing can improve your listening skills, enhance your typing speed, and broaden your knowledge across diverse topics, adding value beyond the financial gain.

3. Proofreading

Proofreading is a great side gig for those who have a keen eye for detail and a genuine love for writing. As a proofreader, your main task is to meticulously review and correct written content, ensuring everything is on point – from grammar and spelling to punctuation and formatting. This service is crucial in industries like publishing, business, and academia, which means there are plenty of opportunities for you to make some extra cash on the side. The best part? You can work from anywhere and choose projects that align with your interests and skills.

There are various online platforms, like Proofread Anywhere or Scribendi, that offer a steady stream of proofreading jobs, catering to both beginners and experienced professionals. While the pay may vary depending on the project’s size and complexity, with dedication and a reputation for being thorough, you can potentially earn a substantial income through proofreading. It’s important to note that while a solid grasp of the English language is a good starting point, taking professional proofreading courses can further enhance your skills and credibility, leading to more opportunities and higher pay.

4. Completing Paid Online Surveys

For those seeking low-pressure, flexible online side hustlers, completing paid online surveys can be an appealing option. Market research companies are always on the lookout for consumer opinions to guide their decision-making, and they’re willing to compensate you for your valuable input. The process is straightforward – you sign up with a survey site, complete a profile, and you’ll be matched with surveys that align with your demographics and interests. The beauty of this side hustle lies in its simplicity and flexibility.

You can take part in surveys at any time that suits you, from the comfort of your own home, or even while commuting. Websites such as Swagbucks, Toluna, or Survey Junkie offer a constant stream of surveys, and while each survey might not pay a huge amount, the side hustle earnings can add up over time. This side hustle requires no specific skills or qualifications; all you need is a reliable internet connection and the willingness to share your opinions. B

5. Creating a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel is yet another of the great side hustle ideas to make extra money. It’s perfect for those who are creative and love sharing content with the world. With this platform, you can make and upload videos on a wide range of topics – from DIY tutorials to gaming commentary, fitness tips, cooking recipes, and so much more! The best part about YouTube is that it gives you the freedom to express yourself, share your knowledge, and connect with a global audience.

As your channel grows in popularity, so does the potential for income. You can make side hustle money through advertising, sponsorships, fan funding, or even by selling your own merchandise. The best part? Starting a YouTube channel requires minimal investment – just a good camera, some editing software, and a unique and engaging idea.

6. Starting a Podcast

Starting a podcast can be an excellent side hustle for individuals who are passionate about a particular subject and enjoy engaging in meaningful conversations. Podcasting is an increasingly popular medium, with listenership growing year on year, offering a platform to share stories, ideas, or expertise with a potentially huge audience. Establishing a podcast involves creating engaging content on a consistent basis. While it may initially require some investment in basic recording and editing equipment, the potential for returns is significant. Monetisation methods range from sponsorships and advertising to crowdfunding or offering bonus premium content.

Platforms such as Anchor, Buzzsprout, or Podbean make podcast publishing accessible to everyone, regardless of technical skills. While creating a successful podcast requires dedication, patience, and a clear, distinct voice, it’s an endeavor that can enhance your communication skills, expand your network, and potentially generate a worthwhile income. Equally important, podcasting can be a fulfilling venture that allows you to delve deeper into a subject you’re passionate about and connect with like-minded individuals.

7. Starting a Blog or Newsletter

Starting a blog or newsletter can be an enriching side hustle for anyone keen to share their knowledge, opinions, or experiences with the world. With a variety of platforms like WordPress, Squarespace or Mailchimp at your disposal, setting up a blog or newsletter has never been easier. The focus of your blog or newsletter could be anything that you are passionate about – from travel and food, to business, fitness, or personal development. Monetisation strategies for this venture include advertising, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing. With a newsletter, you could offer premium content for paid subscribers or use it as a marketing tool for your other services or products.

One of the key aspects of blogging or newsletter writing is consistency – regular posting helps to build and maintain an engaged readership. While it may take time to grow your audience and start earning, the rewards of this side hustle go beyond the financial. It can help you improve your writing skills, establish you as an authority in your chosen field, and create opportunities for collaboration and networking. Ultimately, running a successful blog or newsletter is about creating valuable content and building a strong relationship with your audience, which can lead to a variety of exciting opportunities.

8. Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

Becoming an affiliate marketer offers an exciting avenue for those looking to generate income by promoting products or services they genuinely appreciate. As an affiliate marketer, you earn a commission for every sale made through your unique referral link or code. This side hustle is particularly appealing as it can be started with minimal upfront cost. All you need is a platform to share your affiliate links, which could be your blog, YouTube channel, podcast, or social media pages.

Businesses spanning nearly every industry imaginable offer affiliate programmes, including giants like Amazon and smaller niche companies. The key to successful affiliate marketing is authenticity and trust – promoting products or services that you truly believe in and that align with your audience’s interests. While it can take time to build a substantial following and see significant returns, the potential for earning is vast, particularly as some programmes offer recurring commissions. Above all, affiliate marketing can enhance your marketing and sales skills, expand your network, and lead to a steady stream of passive income. As always, ensure you comply with all disclosure regulations to maintain transparency with your audience.

9. Creating Content on Social Media

Creating content on social media is a powerful and increasingly popular side hustle for individuals with a knack for engaging audiences and building communities online. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter offer countless opportunities to showcase your creativity, whether that’s through photography, videography, witty captions or insightful commentary. As your follower base grows, you can start to monetize your social media channels through sponsored posts, partnerships, or even by launching your own products or services.

Starting out requires little more than a smartphone and your unique perspective. However, the key to success in this avenue is regular posting of high-quality, relatable content, and active engagement with your audience. This digital endeavour not only holds the potential for monetary returns but can also help you enhance your digital marketing skills, build a personal brand, and establish valuable connections. As with any side hustle, it requires time and dedication, but for those who love being in the digital space, creating content on social media can turn a passion into a profitable venture.

10. Becoming an IRL or Online Tutor

Embarking on a journey as an in-person or online tutor presents a rewarding side hustle opportunity for individuals with a strong command of a particular subject. Whether it’s academics, languages, music or any other skill, tutoring can offer a platform to impart your knowledge and positively impact the learning journey of others. In today’s digital era, the scope of tutoring has expanded beyond geographical boundaries. Online tutoring platforms, such as or Chegg Tutors, have made it possible to connect with students globally.

Alternatively, more traditional in-person tutoring may suit your style or your students’ needs better. The earnings from this side hustle can be significant, and rates can often be set based on your expertise and reputation. A successful tutoring side hustle requires not just subject matter expertise, but also patience, communicative clarity, and a genuine desire to help others learn. Beyond the financial rewards, tutoring can enhance your interpersonal skills, deepen your own knowledge, and bring the satisfaction of contributing to someone else’s personal and academic growth.

11. Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is a flexible and profitable side hustle that can be pursued from the comfort of your own home. Virtual assistants offer administrative services to clients from a remote location. This can include managing emails, scheduling appointments, organising travel plans, performing basic bookkeeping, and even handling social media or customer service tasks. The beauty of this side hustle is its adaptability. You can choose to work for one company or collaborate with multiple clients in varying industries.

The prerequisite skills for a virtual assistant include strong organisational abilities, excellent communication, and a keen eye for detail. Experience with common office software is a must, and having specialised skills like social media management can boost your earning potential. There are online platforms, such as Upwork and Zirtual, where you can find virtual assistant gigs, or alternatively, you can pitch directly to businesses.

12. Selling Digital Products

Selling online products is a fantastic, scalable side hustle for those with a creative flair or specialist knowledge. The beauty of digital products is that, once created, they can be sold unlimited times without the need for physical inventory or shipping. This could involve selling eBooks, stock photos, online courses, music, digital art, or even software. For example, if you’ve got a talent for graphic design, you could create templates or digital art pieces.

Alternatively, if you’re skilled in a particular field, creating an online course or eBook can provide immense value to others looking to learn. Platforms like Etsy, Shutterstock, and Udemy provide accessible marketplaces for selling digital products. The key to success here is creating high-quality products that meet a specific need or demand. This endeavour requires an upfront time investment to create the product, but once it’s up and running, it can generate passive income.

13. Becoming an Ecommerce Reseller

Becoming an Ecommerce reseller is a profitable job for side hustlers. The primary task of an ecommerce reseller is to purchase products at a low price and sell them for a profit online. This can be achieved through various platforms such as eBay, Amazon, or even your own ecommerce website. You could specialise in a specific niche you’re passionate or knowledgeable about, be it vintage clothing, electronics, or collectibles.

The key to success in this endeavor is a keen eye for value, an understanding of what sells in your chosen marketplace, and effective negotiation skills for securing the best buying prices. It’s also crucial to factor in the costs of storage, packaging, and shipping. As an ecommerce reseller, you’ll not only hone your business acumen and understanding of online marketplaces but could also turn a tidy profit from items that others may overlook.

14. Selling Your Photography

Selling your photography can be a rewarding and fun side hustle for passionate and skilled visual storytellers. With digital photography and online platforms, monetizing your talent has never been easier. You can sell your photos as stock imagery or offer prints on your website or platforms like Etsy. Specializing in a specific type of photography helps you target your audience and build a reputation.

Success in this hustle requires creativity, technical proficiency, and understanding of what resonates with people. Remember to familiarize yourself with legal aspects like model releases and copyright laws. While it takes effort to build a portfolio and market your work, the satisfaction of seeing your images appreciated and the potential financial rewards make it worthwhile.

15. Starting a Drop Shipping Business

Starting a dropshipping business is an appealing way to make some extra cash without the upfront financial investment of traditional retail. With drop shipping, you act as a retailer without holding inventory, partnering with a wholesaler or manufacturer who fulfills orders for you. This model reduces risk and costs, as you don’t need to worry about stock, storage, packaging, or shipping.

Success in dropshipping requires selecting a profitable niche, finding reliable suppliers, and building a user-friendly online store. Platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce simplify setup, while AliExpress connects you to suppliers. Excellent customer service and effective marketing strategies like SEO and social media advertising are crucial to stand out. With careful planning and ongoing management, a drop shipping business can bring profit and flexibility to your side hustle.

Digital Marketing Services

16. Offering Digital Marketing Services

Offering digital marketing services can be a highly rewarding work from home side hustle if you have a knack for creating compelling content, understanding algorithms, and deciphering analytics. This broad field encompasses a multitude of services you could offer, such as search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing, content creation, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and much more. As businesses continue to recognise the value of a strong online presence in today’s digital era, the demand for these skills is booming.

You could offer your services to small businesses looking to expand their digital footprint, or to larger organisations seeking specialist skills. To thrive in this side hustle, you’ll need to stay updated with the latest trends and algorithms, understand your client’s target audience, and be able to create effective strategies that increase visibility and drive engagement. It’s also essential to effectively communicate your results to clients by translating complex data into meaningful insights.

17. Starting Your Own Online Course

Creating an online course is a great side job for those who love teaching and have expertise in a specific field. With platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and Skillshare, education has become more accessible than ever. As a course creator, you can share your knowledge in digital marketing, graphic design, coding, or any other subject. The key to success is choosing a topic in demand and delivering it in an engaging way.

High-quality materials like videos, quizzes, and PDFs are crucial. Marketing your course is important too – highlight its value and use SEO and social media to increase visibility. While it requires time and effort upfront, the long-term potential is huge. Plus, you get to contribute to others’ learning and development, which is truly rewarding.

18. Getting Paid to Test Apps and Websites

Getting paid to test apps and websites is a great way to make money online. Businesses and developers are always on the lookout for user testers who can provide them with valuable feedback on the usability and functionality of their applications and websites. Companies like UserTesting, Appen, and Respondent are platforms where you can find such opportunities. As a tester, you would typically use the website or app and then provide feedback on the experience.

You might critique the design, ease of navigation, content clarity, and any glitches you encounter. Requirements can vary, but generally, you’ll need a reliable internet connection, a computer or smartphone, and sometimes a microphone to record your verbal feedback. While this may not replace your day job, it’s an easy way to generate a bit of extra income in your spare time. Plus, there’s the added bonus of getting sneak peeks at new apps and websites before they hit the mainstream!

19. Creating and Selling Your Own Handmade Products

Creating and selling your own handmade products is an amazing opportunity for those who love crafting and want to turn their creativity into cash. Whether it’s jewellery, candles, bath bombs, or artwork, the options are endless! Platforms like Etsy and Not On The High Street help you showcase your items to a global audience. Before you start, find your unique selling point that sets you apart.

It could be your design style, sustainable materials, or personalization service. Build a strong brand, promote on social media, and provide top-notch customer service. Price your products fairly, considering materials, time, packaging, and shipping costs. It takes time and resources, but turning your passion into profit is incredibly rewarding. With the right approach, your handmade business can grow beyond a side hustle.

20. Renting Out Your Home

You can start making money by renting out your home, or even just a spare room. Platforms like Airbnb and simplify the process. This venture requires an upfront investment of time and money to ensure your home meets the standard expected by potential guests. Consider investing in quality furniture, maintaining cleanliness, and providing amenities such as Wi-Fi, a stocked kitchen, and clean linens. Additionally, think about offering unique experiences or local guidance to make your guests’ stay memorable.

While renting out your space does come with its challenges, such as dealing with different guest personalities and the occasional wear and tear, the financial rewards can be significant. It’s crucial to understand and comply with any local regulations or restrictions related to short-term rentals. Good communication, flexibility, and excellent customer service are key to becoming a successful host. Offering your property for rent not only monetises unused space but also provides an opportunity to meet people from all walks of life.

21. Driving for Lyft or Uber

Driving for ride-hailing platforms like Lyft or Uber is a flexible side hustle option, especially for those who enjoy being on the move. To become a driver, you’ll need a reliable vehicle, a clean driving record, and the requisite licenses. The earnings vary greatly depending on several factors, such as the time of day you choose to drive, the area you’re operating in, and how frequently you’re willing to work. Peak times like early mornings, evenings, and weekends can be particularly lucrative.

While the job does involve dealing with all sorts of people and occasional stressful situations, it also offers a chance to meet locals and tourists alike and hear fascinating stories. Plus, it allows you to explore your city like never before. Be sure to factor in costs like fuel, car maintenance, and insurance when calculating your potential earnings. With the flexibility to work on your own terms and the freedom to log in and out at will, driving for Lyft or Uber can be a great way to monetise your free time.

22. Delivering Food or Groceries

Delivering food or groceries has become a popular side hustle in recent years, particularly with the surge of convenient apps such as Deliveroo, UberEats, and Instacart. This flexible gig allows you to earn an income on your own schedule, without the need for any specialised skills or experience. Essentially, you are paid to shop for and deliver groceries, or pick up food orders from restaurants and deliver them to customers. It’s an excellent option for those who enjoy being out and about, are familiar with their local area, and have a reliable vehicle (though in some cases, a bicycle or even foot travel can suffice).

Do keep in mind that earnings can fluctuate based on factors such as order size, the time of day, and the delivery distance. While not typically a high-income job, delivering food or groceries can provide a steady stream of additional income. And who knows? You might even score a tip for your excellent service!

23. Babysitting

Babysitting is a great idea to make extra money on the side. If you enjoy spending time with children and know how to keep them entertained, it’s perfect for you. The best part is that it offers flexible working hours, so you can do it in the evenings or on weekends, even if you have a full-time job. However, keep in mind that babysitting comes with a lot of responsibility. You’ll be in charge of the safety and well-being of the children, so it’s important to have some basic first-aid knowledge.

Getting certifications like CPR or a first aid course can make you more attractive to parents. If you’re looking for babysitting jobs, websites like Sittercity or can help and don’t forget to ask for recommendations from friends and family. Besides ensuring the children’s safety, you might also be responsible for preparing meals, helping with homework, and organizing fun activities.

The pay for this side business can vary depending on your experience, the number and age of the children, and your location, but it can be a rewarding and profitable side hustle. Not only will you earn extra income, but you’ll also develop important skills like problem-solving, communication, and patience, which can benefit you in many aspects of life.

24. Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services

Dog walking and pet sitting services have experienced a significant increase in demand, making them fantastic options for a side income. This is especially true for those who adore animals, as it offers an opportunity to spend time with furry friends while offering a great way to earn extra cash. As a dog walker, your main responsibility would be taking dogs out for their daily exercise, which often involves strolling around the neighborhood or heading to the local park.

Pet sitting, on the other hand, entails caring for pets while their owners are away, ranging from a few hours to several days. It’s beneficial to have knowledge about different pet breeds and their specific needs. Platforms like Rover and Tailster make it easy to connect with pet owners in your area.

It’s worth noting that tips and bonuses, particularly during holidays, can significantly boost your income. With a passion for animals and a responsible approach, dog walking and pet sitting can be more than just a side hustle; they can be a rewarding experience.

25. Helping at a Local Coffee Shop

Helping out at a local coffee is one of the easiest side hustles, especially for those who enjoy the warm, inviting aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the sociable nature of the environment. In this role, you could be involved in various tasks such as taking orders, preparing beverages, serving customers, or even baking treats, depending on the needs of the shop. This opportunity not only provides a steady income but also allows you to learn and master the art of coffee making.

The hours are often flexible, making it an ideal job for early risers, students, or anyone looking to supplement their primary income. Additionally, regular tips from satisfied customers can substantially add to your earnings. Besides, building relationships with regular customers and co-workers, and being a part of your local community, can make this side hustle both emotionally rewarding and enjoyable.

26. Offering Odd Job Services

Offering odd job services is a flexible and straightforward side hustle idea that anyone can take on. It’s all about utilising your skills and available time to perform tasks that others might not have the time or ability to do. This could include anything from lawn mowing, painting, cleaning, installing shelves, to even assembling furniture.

Websites such as TaskRabbit or Gumtree have made it easier to connect with individuals in your local area who need these types of services, thereby creating a convenient platform for you to showcase your skills and find odd jobs. The income can vary significantly based on the type of task, the required skill level, and the time it takes to complete the job.

Make sure you charge a fair price that compensates for your time and effort and don’t forget to factor in any costs you might incur, such as travel expenses or tools. Offering odd job services not only allows you to earn extra cash but also gives you the satisfaction of helping others. So roll up your sleeves, and let your handy skills bring in some additional income.

27. Cleaning Houses

Cleaning houses is a side hustle that requires minimal start-up costs and offers flexible hours, making it an ideal choice for those looking to supplement their income. This job involves tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, and other general housekeeping duties. Naturally, a keen eye for detail and a strong work ethic are valuable traits for success in this role.

It’s possible to find clients through word-of-mouth recommendations or online platforms, such as or Mopp, which connect potential clients with cleaning services in their local areas. While the pay can vary depending on the size of the house and the specific cleaning tasks, regular clients can provide a steady income stream.

Moreover, clients who are especially satisfied with your service might offer tips or even refer you to their friends and family. Cleaning houses not only allows you to earn extra income but also offers a sense of accomplishment in leaving a space clean and tidy.

28. Giving Tours of Your Neighbourhood or Town

If you’re passionate about your city and enjoy meeting new people, giving tours of your neighbourhood or town is one of the best ways to make extra cash. As a local guide, your role involves sharing your knowledge and love for your area with visitors, showcasing the unique landmarks, cultural attractions, and hidden gems, and telling the stories that make your locality special. This could involve historical tours, food and drink experiences, photography walks, or even ghost tours, depending on what your area offers and what you’re interested in.

Platforms like Airbnb Experiences and ToursByLocals make it easy to list your tours and connect with tourists seeking authentic local experiences. The income can vary based on the uniqueness of your tour, the duration, and the number of people you can accommodate. It’s vital to ensure your tour is engaging, informative, and enjoyable to encourage positive reviews and referrals.

Additionally, keep in mind that some areas may require guides to have specific licences or permits. By offering tours of your neighbourhood or town, you’re not only able to earn extra income but also share and celebrate the beauty and history of your home with others.

29. Renting Your Parking Space

Renting your parking space presents a straightforward and relatively hassle-free way of earning extra income, particularly for those situated in busy city centres or near significant landmarks or transport hubs. In areas where parking is scarce or expensive, your unused or spare parking space could be a gold mine. A plethora of platforms, such as JustPark or YourParkingSpace, facilitate this process by connecting space owners with drivers in need of parking.

These websites handle payments and bookings, ensuring a smooth transaction process for both parties. The potential income greatly depends on the location and convenience of your parking space, but considering the demand, it could prove to be a significant addition to your earnings. That said, it’s important to check with your property insurer and local council for any regulations or permissions needed before renting your space.

30. Reselling Thrifted Items

Reselling thrifted items is a truly remarkable and sustainable side hustle for those with a knack for spotting value. It involves finding affordable, pre-owned treasures from thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets, or online platforms, and then selling them for a higher price. You can flip a wide range of items like clothes, shoes, books, vintage electronics, and antiques to make a profit. To succeed, you’ll need a discerning eye for spotting items with resale potential and some knowledge of market demand and pricing.

Setting up shop on platforms like eBay, Etsy, or Depop makes it easy to sell your finds. The income from reselling thrifted items can vary, depending on your ability to find desirable items and market them effectively. Not only does this side hustle offer earning potential, but it also promotes sustainability by giving preloved items a second chance. Just remember to factor in any costs like shipping or platform fees when calculating potential profit. If you enjoy the thrill of treasure hunting and have a good sense of market trends, reselling thrifted items can be a rewarding way to boost your income.


How can I make $100 a day?

Making $100 a day can be achieved through a combination of different side hustles. For instance, if you have a spare room, you might want to consider letting it out on Airbnb. Depending on your location, you could earn around $50 or more per night. Combining this with a couple of hours of house cleaning or handyman work (which can pay between $20-$30 per hour), you can easily reach your goal of $100 a day.

Alternatively, if you have a knack for spotting valuable items at thrift stores or car boot sales, you can flip them for a profit on platforms like eBay. It’s all about finding something that suits your skills and lifestyle. Remember that consistency is key, and building up a good reputation can lead to more work and higher earnings.

How do you do passive income?

Passive income involves generating revenue with minimal daily effort. It typically requires an upfront investment of time or money but can generate earnings while you sleep. Examples include renting out a property or a parking space, creating an eBook or online course, or investing in stocks or mutual funds.

Affiliate marketing, where you earn a commission for promoting other companies’ products, is another form of passive income. Keep in mind, that while the income may be ‘passive’, it usually requires work, research, and maintenance to ensure a steady income stream.

Do I need to report my side gig earnings on my taxes?

Yes, it’s crucial to report your side hustle income on your taxes. Any income earned, whether from a full-time job or a side gig, is taxable. You may also be able to deduct certain expenses related to your side hustle, reducing your overall tax liability. However, tax laws can be complex, so it’s always wise to consult with a tax professional or use trusted tax software to ensure you’re accurately reporting your income and taking advantage of all potential deductions.

Can you make good money with Amazon Flex?

Absolutely, you can make good money with Amazon Flex. Amazon Flex is a programme where individuals can sign up to deliver packages and make between £13-£15 per hour, according to Amazon’s website. The specific earnings will depend on factors like the location and the volume of deliveries. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that as an Amazon Flex driver, you’re considered an independent contractor, not an employee.

This status means you’re responsible for your own vehicle maintenance and fuel costs. Moreover, your earnings from Amazon Flex are taxable income, which you’ll need to report. It’s recommended to keep track of your expenses, as some may be tax-deductible. If you enjoy driving and are looking for a flexible way to earn extra income, Amazon Flex could be a great option.

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