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Many businesses struggle to achieve growth and success, but a critical factor that often goes overlooked is the role of leadership. Single-threaded leadership—or having one leader who takes responsibility for setting the vision and strategy for an organization—can be a powerful tool in helping business owners reach their goals.

This blog post will examine how single-threaded leadership can help boost your business growth. We will explore the benefits of single-threaded leadership, discuss strategies for implementing it in your organization, and provide case studies from successful companies that have adopted this approach. By understanding how single-threaded leaders drive results, you can learn to use these tactics to grow your business faster than ever!

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What Is a Single Threaded Leader?

A single-threaded leader is a type of leader who places the majority of their focus on one particular area. This could be product launches, customer service, or anything related to the organization’s mission and goals. A great example of a single-threaded leader is Marissa Mayer, former CEO of Yahoo! During her tenure at Yahoo!, she was known for being highly focused on revamping the company’s products and services, leading to numerous successful product launches. Another respected thought leader in this field is Bill Gates, known for his single-threaded approach to developing innovative technology solutions throughout his career as CEO of Microsoft.

He used his expertise to create various products that have become industry standards. His focus on innovation continues to this day. In short, single-threaded leaders focus their efforts and energies on a particular area or goal for the benefit of their company. This type of leadership is essential in any organization because it allows individuals to become deeply knowledgeable about one particular topic and provide innovative solutions to help the company succeed.

Let’s explore more profoundly some of the benefits of this leadership style.

Single Threaded Leader - Peter Boolkah

Enabling innovation

Single-threaded leadership can enable innovation by allowing one leader to take the initiative and invent new products or solutions. A CEO who has demonstrated this well is Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple. By taking this approach to lead his company, Jobs was able to drive innovation at an accelerated pace, transforming Apple into the tech giant it is today with groundbreaking products such as the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. His commitment to a single thread of leadership also enabled him to focus on multiple projects simultaneously, making Apple’s product launches incredibly successful.

This is just one example of how single-threaded leadership can enable innovation and drive company success. With one leader who controls all aspects of their company, smaller teams can work together to bring products or services to market faster, with fewer errors and higher quality. In today’s world of rapid innovation, single-threaded leadership can be a powerful tool for any business looking to stay ahead of the competition.

In summary, single-threaded leadership is an effective way of enabling innovation in businesses. By having one leader who controls all aspects of a company, smaller teams can work together more efficiently to bring products and services to market quickly and with high quality. CEOs such as Steve Jobs have demonstrated the power of single-threaded leadership in bringing game-changing products or solutions to the world. Thus, single-threaded leadership can be an effective way for businesses to stay ahead in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Putting weight behind your OKRs

Single Threaded Leadership is an approach to driving outcomes that enable leaders to take on full end-to-end ownership of their OKRs. CEOs are increasingly using it to ensure that goals for their organizations are met.

This type of leadership requires the focus and dedication of someone already in charge, and it means that they are solely responsible for ensuring that their OKRs have the weight and momentum to be delivered. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, is a prime example of this type of Single-Threaded Leadership in action. He took on a part-time job at his company to ensure his OKRs were implemented correctly by taking on full responsibility and ownership of the goal.

By taking on this type of leadership, Zuckerberg created a motivated and empowered team to make it happen – and that’s precisely what he did. By embodying this Single Threaded Leadership style, Zuckerberg has been able to help put the weight behind his OKRs and ensure that they are being achieved in an effective manner. As a result, Facebook has made giant leaps forward regarding its performance and success.

Single Threaded Leadership is an approach that can be exceptionally powerful when implemented correctly – Mark Zuckerberg has demonstrated this well. By taking on full responsibility and ownership for his OKRs, he ensured they had the weight and momentum to become a reality. This is an excellent example of how effective leadership can make the difference between success and failure.

Developing your better talent

Single-threaded leadership is a powerful way to develop your better talent. It involves having one person fully own an area or project, ensuring everything is done right and everyone involved knows the goals. This approach empowers individuals with autonomy and trust, allowing them to make decisions quickly and effectively.

It has been demonstrated very well by former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. He was known for having a single-threaded approach to leadership, allowing him to focus on one thing and recruit the right people to do it. He believed that finding the right person for each task was far more critical than having multiple people working on the same project. This enabled his teams to be agile and efficient in their approach, resulting in the incredible success of Apple products.

In this way, single-threaded leadership can be a great way to develop your better talent. By putting one person in charge of an area or project and giving them autonomy and trust, you can ensure that decisions are made quickly and that the right people are recruited for the job. This approach will set your team up for long-term success.

By finding the right person and giving them the freedom to make decisions, you can enable your team to tackle challenging projects confidently. Steve Jobs and many other successful CEOs have consistently demonstrated this type of leadership. So, to develop your better talent, consider embracing the single-threaded approach. It could just be the missing piece of your puzzle.

Avoiding inertia

Single-threaded leadership effectively avoids inertia, enabling a company to achieve its strategic initiative goals. This approach has been demonstrated particularly well by Lars Rebien Sørensen, the former CEO of Novo Nordisk. He was able to turn his strategy into strong results by empowering one person to make decisions and take ownership of those decisions once made. With single-threaded leadership, a business can move quickly yet still benefit from having only one decision-maker taking responsibility for the outcome.

This enables the organization to stay agile and focus on reaching its goals without getting bogged down in internal politics. Using single-threaded leadership, Novo Nordisk achieved significant success under Sørensen’s direction. This leadership approach can benefit any organization looking to stay on the cutting edge and progress in an ever-changing business landscape.

Taking a look at your people

Single Threaded Leadership enables you to take a holistic view of your people, which can help you better understand the proportion of A, B, and C players in your business. Jack Welch believed that the most successful organizations are those with a clear-cut difference between those who are good at their jobs and those who excel – he called these A, B, and C players, respectively.

Topgrading is a recruitment process that helps identify and hire top performers by evaluating potential hires based on their skills and qualifications rather than relying solely on interviews or resumes. GE embraced this process to help them find the best talent for their business. With Single Threaded Leadership at its core, it can help you ensure that your team is populated with only A-players so you can ensure the highest levels of success.

With this in mind, it’s essential to look at your team and evaluate who is and isn’t performing – then make necessary changes based on the results. Single Threaded Leadership can help you do this effectively, ensuring that your business will succeed for years.

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Examples of Single-Threaded Leadership

Here are several instances where various companies have implemented this leadership approach.


Amazon’s strategic initiative is to make its senior leadership team more involved with the company. The idea is called Single-Threaded Leadership: having one person accountable for each initiative and focused on its success. This means that rather than relying on teams of people all working in parallel; all related work is channelled through an individual leader.

For example, Amazon’s Senior Vice President of Business Development recruited and built the company’s relationships with partners. This approach allowed Amazon to move quickly and effectively on strategic initiatives.

However, this leadership style isn’t without its drawbacks — if a key leader is unavailable or unable to do their job correctly, it can jeopardise an entire project. This happened when Amazon’s Senior Vice President of Retail stepped down in 2019. The absence of their leader caused disruption and delay to the company’s e-commerce initiatives, resulting in losses for some time.

Overall, Single-Threaded Leadership has offered Amazon some advantages but also brings risks that need to be carefully managed. The company must always have strong leadership so unforeseen circumstances do not derail its strategic initiatives.


Google has significantly benefited from its single-threaded leadership style, which sees a small number of critical decision-makers leading the company. This strategy allows Google to move quickly and make decisions without consulting multiple stakeholders. This approach resulted in the company taking on a wide range of new business lines while still focusing on core products. It also enabled them to prototype ideas and rapidly decide which ones to take forward.

One well-known example where this approach worked well for Google was the development of Android. The single-threaded leadership style allowed key decision-makers to quickly evaluate the opportunity and move swiftly to bring it to market. This enabled them to capture a large share of the mobile device market with their operating system.

However, there have been some cases where the single-threaded leadership approach has not worked so well, such as with Google Glass. In this case, their focus on developing a technology-focused product rather than user experience led to its demise. By using a more customer-centric approach and considering user feedback earlier in the process, they may have been able to turn the project into a success.

Overall, Google’s single-threaded leadership approach has enabled them to move quickly and innovate in new areas while maintaining focus on core products. However, there have also been cases where this approach has failed to take customer feedback into account, leading to a strategic initiative’s doom. Nevertheless, it remains a valuable tool in their arsenal, allowing them to stay agile and competitive.


Walmart’s Single-Threaded Leadership approach has been incredibly successful in many ways. It focuses on one leader taking the helm and making decisions shaping the whole company while encouraging collaboration between departments and teams. This leadership model has allowed Walmart to remain agile in decision-making and move quickly on initiatives without waiting for buy-in from multiple levels.

One example of where this approach has worked well for Walmart is its customer service initiatives. By having one leader take the lead and making decisions on how to serve customers best, Walmart could streamline its processes and ensure customer satisfaction remained a priority at all times. This resulted in improved customer experiences and loyalty, ultimately boosting and profits.

However, the Single-Threaded Leadership approach has also had its drawbacks for Walmart. A lack of collaboration can lead to decisions being made without considering input from other departments or teams. This can result in a disconnect between different parts of the organisation and negatively impact customer experiences if not managed properly.

For example, when Walmart launched its online ordering system, it faced customer service issues due to the lack of collaboration between departments and teams. Although this issue was eventually addressed, it could have been avoided if Walmart had ensured effective communication between all its departments.

What Does Single-Threaded Leadership Primarily Allow?

Single-threaded leadership gives one person the authority and responsibility to drive strategy into tangible results. It enables a single leader to focus on the big picture while still managing details, creating new lines of business, and empowering people to make it happen. With such clear direction from a single leader, organizations often move more quickly towards success. Single-threaded leadership also allows for more accountability and can reduce problems associated with communication among multiple people. Although not a silver bullet, single-threaded leadership can be a great option in certain situations.

By bringing focus to the organization via a single leader, organizations can keep their eyes on the prize and progress towards success faster than if there were conflicting or competing objectives. Single-threaded leadership can also help keep communication and decision-making clear and on track so that everyone works together towards the same goals. Ultimately, single-threaded leadership is an effective tool for driving performance, improving accountability, and achieving success.

This type of leadership has been used successfully by many businesses in various industries, such as retail, technology, healthcare, and finance. By taking advantage of the benefits offered by single-threaded leadership, organizations have achieved success quickly and efficiently. It is important to note that single-threaded leadership does not always work for every organization. Each situation is unique, so assessing your needs is essential before deciding which type of leadership will be most beneficial for your organization.

Overall, single-threaded leadership is a great option to consider for many organizations. It offers clarity and direction, which can help organizations achieve success quickly and efficiently. Single-threaded leadership is an effective tool for driving performance, improving accountability, creating new lines of business, and empowering people to make it happen. As always, it’s important to consider your organisation’s unique needs before deciding which type of leadership is best.


What is a single-threaded owner (STO)?

A single-threaded owner (STO) is a business model that allows the owner to focus on one product or service at a time. This type of ownership structure eliminates the need for multiple owners and keeps operations streamlined; instead, all activities related to the business are managed by one person. As an STO, you have complete control over your processes and can manage them as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, an STO allows you to focus all your resources on one project or product, giving you the best chance of success.

This ownership structure is ideal for entrepreneurs who must remain agile and adapt quickly to changing conditions to succeed. With a single-threaded owner, you can experiment with new ideas and strategies without worrying about multiple owners weighing in on decisions. This ownership structure is ideal for those who want to take their business to the next level.

In short, single-threaded ownership allows entrepreneurs to gain complete control over their operations and focus on one project or product. This will enable them to remain agile and experiment with new ideas to succeed. If you’re looking for a model that gives you complete autonomy over your business while allowing you to stay focused and efficient, then an STO is the perfect option for you.

What does STO do in a company?

Single-threaded owners are essential for any company. They take on the responsibility of making sure that all tasks related to their project are completed promptly. They manage timelines, delegate tasks, and provide guidance when needed. Single-threaded owners also serve as the person responsible for driving progress forward and ensuring everyone works together towards the same goal. Ultimately, these owners are the glue that holds a company together and keeps it running smoothly. To ensure your business is booming, having single-threaded ownership is a must!

The most significant benefit of having single threaded ownership is that it encourages collaboration and ensures everyone is on the same page. Instead of different departments or teams tackling tasks individually, a single-threaded owner ensures that all functions are connected and everyone works together to achieve the same goal. This eliminates potential communication or coordination issues when multiple departments are assigned separate tasks. It also encourages greater efficiency as teams can work together more quickly and efficiently on projects, allowing them to reach their goals faster.

Having a single-threaded owner also provides a single point of contact for the rest of the team. This ensures that all questions or queries are directed to the same individual, making it easier to quickly manage and resolve any issues. It also simplifies tracking progress and ensuring deadlines are met, as everything is handled by one person who understands how the project works and can provide guidance when needed.

Overall, having a single-threaded owner is essential to any business and can help ensure that projects are completed quickly and efficiently. A single-threaded owner can be the difference between success and failure, so make sure your business has one!

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