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Do you want your business to stand out from the competition and be successful? Then it’s time to start thinking about how working genius can help lead your business towards growth. Working genius is a concept that focuses on using creative problem-solving techniques and innovative ideas to develop new solutions for businesses.

The idea behind working genius is that companies can uncover new opportunities for success by tapping into the collective intelligence of employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders. This blog post will explore how working genius can help any business reach its goals and grow in today’s competitive landscape.

What is the Description of a Working Genius?

A Working Genius is a leader and team player who exhibits excellence in all areas. Patrick Lencioni, a renowned leadership and teamwork expert, says that the most effective working geniuses possess solid skills and knowledge in both their area of expertise as well as broader business acumen. They must think outside the box while staying true to their core values and objectives. Working geniuses are not only influential in their field, but they also contribute to the shared success of the team as a whole.

They can think critically while still collaborating with others and motivating their colleagues towards a common goal. This type of leader is invaluable in any organization that values collaboration, innovation, and growth. Patrick Lencioni encourages leaders to strive for the Working Genius concept to achieve true business success. Being a Working Genius means utilizing all available resources, listening actively and proactively, communicating effectively, staying organized and on task, and having the vision to identify potential opportunities.

Doing so will produce meaningful results that positively impact individuals and teams. Ultimately, a Working Genius is a leader who stands out above the rest and makes a lasting impact. They are an invaluable asset to organisations that want to achieve their goals. With exemplary leadership and team collaboration, anything is possible.

How to Introduce Working Genius to Your Team

Once you’ve introduced Working Genius and its tools to your team, it’s time to start using them. The Working Genius podcast with Patrick is an excellent way to get started. It provides a great introduction to the concept of “working genius” and how to use this idea to help yourself, and others succeed at work.

The Working Genius assessment also provides insight into your team’s functions, strengths, and weaknesses. By providing people with this information, you can create an atmosphere where everyone can work together more effectively. With these tools, you’ll be able to help your team reach their goals faster and easier than ever before!

If you want to learn more about Working Genius and how it can help your team, please get in touch with us. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

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The 6 Types of Working Genius?

Let us look at each of the geniuses in more dept.

The Genius of Wonder

The Genius of Wonder refers to the concept Patrick Lencioni and his team employ in their work: recognizing and leveraging the natural gifts of every individual. It means understanding how to bring out the best in people and helping them find ways to use their talents and knowledge to contribute to a larger goal.

An excellent example of this genius in action is when Patrick’s team works with an organization to help them create a culture of trust. They work with the organization to help them understand how to identify people’s strengths and weaknesses, build relationships that leverage those gifts, and foster a sense of collaboration and mutual respect. Recognizing each person as unique and valuable can create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable expressing their ideas, opinions, and feelings. This helps to create a space of collaboration and innovation that leads to better solutions.

In short, the Genius of Wonder is about recognising each individual’s potential, understanding how they can contribute to a larger goal, and helping them work together for success. It’s an inspiring way to approach problem-solving that Patrick Lencioni and his team continue to exemplify in their work.

The Genius of Invention

When Patrick Lencioni speaks of the Genius of Invention, he refers to the view that great inventions are not created through hard work and frustration alone. Instead, they come about from a natural process of taking existing ideas and innovating on them. Thomas Edison’s lightbulb invention is a great example of this genius in action.

His genius lay not in creating something that no one had seen before but in combining existing components to create a revolutionary product. Edison refined his design by trial and error, eventually making the lightbulb practical for everyday use. This type of invention is a testament to the genius of invention – it requires an open mind coupled with ingenuity and experimentation. Without it, we would not have the countless products and advancements that benefit us today.

The Genius of Discernment

Patrick Lencioni’s concept of the Genius of Discernment is about recognising and appreciating each person’s unique gifts and talents to a team. His team goes out into the world to help people identify and use their skills to work together harmoniously with joy. By assisting people to gain an understanding of their values and the contribution they can make to a team, Lencioni and his team explore how best to use each individual’s genius to create something unique.

An excellent example of this genius in action is when a group with different strengths comes together and makes something great out of it. Combining everyone’s unique qualities and perspectives leads to extraordinary results. With the Genius of Discernment, teams can unlock their potential and create something exceptional.

This concept is an incredible tool for improving team dynamics, as it helps everyone recognize and value each other’s unique gifts. It provides a powerful way to foster collaboration within a team, creating a strong sense of purpose among its members. By embracing the Genius of Discernment, teams can unlock their collective potential and create something unique.

It’s an inspiring concept that can help teams achieve great things if appropriately applied. Lencioni has done an excellent job of assisting people in identifying and using their gifts. It’s a powerful tool for improving team dynamics, allowing everyone to recognize and value each other’s unique gifts, fostering collaboration and creating a strong sense of purpose. When we understand how to tap into the genius of discernment, we can unlock our true potential and create something remarkable.

The Genius of Galvanizing

Patrick Lencioni’s idea of the Genius of Galvanizing refers to the ability of a leader to draw out support and assistance from others with no strings attached. It is not about controlling or manipulating but creating an environment where people are willing to help without conditions or expectations. An excellent example of this genius in action can be seen in organizations with a strong volunteer culture, such as nonprofits or community service organizations.

The leader fosters trust and open communication, where individuals are willing to give up their time and resources to help others without expecting anything in return. This is the genius of galvanizing at its finest. It creates an environment in which people come together not only to accomplish tasks but also to meet the needs of others. It is a fantastic testament to the power of leadership and a great reminder of what can be achieved when we come together to support each other.

The Genius of Enablement

Patrick Lencioni’s concept of the ‘Genius of Enablement’ is about creating an environment where everyone feels empowered to contribute and take ownership to unleash joy and energy. It involves leaders responding promptly to their team’s needs, understanding when micro-management isn’t necessary, and responding to changing conditions.

An excellent example of this genius in action can be seen in the work of a leader named Jim, who managed a software development organization. Jim was very efficient with his time, taking an active role in each team member’s project and helping them stay on track. At the same time, he gave them plenty of freedom to explore ideas and innovate, allowing their creative energy to take the lead. In this way, Jim enabled his team members to develop their skills and take ownership of their work, leading to more productive outcomes overall. This is an excellent example of the Genius of Enablement in action!

The Genius of Tenacity

Patrick Lencioni’s phrase, “The Genius of Tenacity,” speaks to the power of determination and persistence. It’s about pushing things from finish to completion, no matter what gets in the way. A great example of this genius in action is when legendary runner Roger Bannister became the first person to break the four-minute mile. Despite near-impossible odds, Bannister pushed himself—and his limits—to reach a seemingly unattainable goal.

His tenacity is an inspiring example of what can be achieved without giving up. In the end, it was his tenacious spirit that helped him break the record and achieve something extraordinary! By channelling this same level of determination, we can all strive to reach even the most ambitious of goals. Let’s celebrate the genius of tenacity and use it as a source of motivation! Push yourself to the finish line—you never know what you’ll achieve.

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The Impact of Working Genius in Your Team on Business Growth

Working Genius is a concept that focuses on enhancing the performance of your team and the overall business. It’s an approach to leadership that emphasizes collaboration, growth, and development while recognizing each individual’s unique talents. Achieving Working Genius can be challenging to accomplish within a single organization, but its effects can be felt across all aspects of business.

When a team is driven by its collective genius, the results are impressive. Each individual can bring their unique skills and perspectives to the table. This creates an environment of creativity, innovation, and collaboration that can drive your business forward with short-term and long-term goals. Team members can explore new ideas, devise solutions for complex problems, and develop strategies that have far-reaching implications.

From a financial perspective, achieving Working Genius can positively impact your business’s bottom line. As teams brainstorm and collaborate, they can create new opportunities for revenue streams, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce overhead costs. This, in turn, leads to better performance across the board and overall company growth.

Ultimately, Working Genius is about unlocking your team’s potential and unleashing their creativity to drive business success. By recognizing each individual’s talents and working together in an environment of mutual respect and trust, organizations can unlock new sources of growth that will benefit everyone involved. It’s a powerful concept that can transform any business for the better.

Conclusion – The Long-Term Benefits of Working Genius

The long-term benefits of working with a genius are undeniable in improving your business. Working with a creative and experienced expert can help you develop innovative solutions that add value to your organization. This could include developing products or services ahead of the curve, creating more efficient processes or simply taking advantage of their expertise and experience.

By leveraging the unique skills of a genius, you can put yourself on the fast track to success. Furthermore, having someone with an educated and experienced perspective could make a positive difference when making decisions and taking risks. In short, by tapping into the power of working with a genius, you can enjoy significant long-term benefits that will help your company succeed.

Working with a genius can also help foster a culture of creativity and collaboration within your organization. When you bring in an expert in their field, it can be both inspiring and motivating for others in the workplace. It can open up new opportunities to learn from each other and share ideas that could lead to innovations or breakthroughs that could propel your business forward. Your team members may also be more likely to think outside the box and develop original solutions that could benefit you in the long run. Cultivating a creative working environment can help spur growth and, ultimately, lead to tremendous success.

At the end of the day, when it comes to business success, there is no substitute for skilful expertise. By bringing in a genius to your team, you open up the potential for long-term benefits that could make a real difference. With their knowledge and experience, as well as their creativity and collaboration, they can help you create solutions that will have lasting impacts on your company’s success. So, if you want to make a positive change for your business, working with a genius is the way to go.


What is the purpose of the working genius?

The Working Genius provides a framework and guidance from leadership and teamwork expert Patrick to help you optimize your team’s performance in the real world or virtually. The Working Genius can provide live virtual workshops on improving team communication, fostering better collaboration between members, and more effective strategies for achieving successful outcomes.

It also offers coaching sessions to build team members’ trust, confidence, and accountability. In other words, the Working Genius is here to help you create a compelling and high-performing team, regardless of whether it’s in person or online. With its easy-to-follow framework and expert advice from Patrick, you can be sure that your team will have the skills necessary to succeed!

In addition to its workshops and coaching sessions, the Working Genius provides a wide range of other services, such as team-building activities, team analysis tools, and goal-setting exercises. With these resources, you can be sure that your team will be able to reach its fullest potential. You can also access Patrick’s library of handouts and resources to help your team stay on track and ensure success.

How does the Working Genius model enhance team collaboration?

The Working Genius model helps eliminate areas of frustration in team collaboration. It is based on the idea that teams need to be effective and productive but also able to recognize and respect members’ strengths and weaknesses. By understanding an individual’s areas of expertise and challenges, the Working Genius model can help teams overcome obstacles more quickly and easily.

Moreover, the model provides practical advice to help teams manage their tasks and projects better. With its focus on individual and group performance, the Working Genius model can maximize collaboration potential for a more successful working environment. It is designed to provide guidance and support to ensure that everyone in a team contributes their best work.

By taking the time to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, teams can create an environment conducive to collaboration. With the Working Genius model, teams can achieve their goals and objectives better. Through increased understanding, teams can work together more efficiently while respecting each other’s areas of expertise for a smoother workflow and result.

By utilizing the Working Genius model, teams can be empowered to work productively and collaboratively while recognizing and respecting each other’s areas of expertise. This model helps to provide practical advice, eliminating any potential frustrations that can arise in team collaboration. Ultimately, the Working Genius model is designed to help teams maximize their collaborative potential for a more decisive result.

What are the three phases of work in Working Genius?

The Working Genius process has three main phases: Explore, Create and Implement.

We identify your business’s core needs and objectives in the Explore phase. We analyze your current market situation, develop a strategy for success, and create a plan of action that will help you reach your goals.

Next is the Create phase, where we develop the tools and resources you need to execute your plan. This could involve designing a new website, creating content for your social media channels, or developing customer engagement strategies.

Finally, we help you bring it all together in the Implement phase. We guide project management and implementation strategies to ensure everything is together smoothly and effectively. We also provide ongoing support to help you troubleshoot any issues that arise as you move forward.

By breaking the process into three phases, Working Genius makes it easy for you to create a successful plan of action that meets your business goals and objectives. Whether you want to increase customer engagement or expand your online presence, our team of experts is here to help.

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