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Why dream big and think small?

Many CEOs and business owners have big dreams but are poor at executing them. Things become overcomplicated. Start with something small. Jeff Bezos had a big dream with Amazon, hence the name. He wanted to sell products around the world. However, he started small by selling only books. The mistake would have been starting out trying to sell 20 different products at the very beginning. He had a vision of how big he wanted amazon to be but understood he had to be known and trusted for one product to begin with. It is a mistake to try and be all things to all people.

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Diversify carefully

Some people diversify to compensate for bad performance in a certain area. A challenge which is not dealt with well will not be solved by diversification. It can be a symptom of business insecurity. Be a specialist. Build trust in your expertise. Don’t be what you think people want you to be. Provide a specialist service as an expert in your field. Make your customers’ lives easier.  If you remove the friction from the consumer’s life, then you can pretty much name your price.

Understand the zeitgeist

The mood of the time has an impact on your business. The pandemic forced us all further into the digital world. Those who survived embraced this new digital era and passed that through to the customer. They facilitated change for us all. There are opportunities everywhere despite the economic landscape. Zoom is a good example of this. They embraced the digital move, found their place in the market, understood what people needed. They then upped their original game, ironed out glitches and became a video collaboration solution as opposed to just a video conferencing solution.

Don’t let fear stop you achieving your dreams

The economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic and now the Ukraine- Russia conflict has caused some entrepreneurs to stop dreaming. They are fearful. Fear mode will cause a business to shrink. Mentally rest. Make adjustments. Don’t just take the safe route. Find the opportunities, dream big and think small. Look for a way to systematically do a lot of great small things. Get back to the fundamentals.

Be disciplined

If you are personally disciplined, your business will run in a disciplined way. Create good habits and maintain them. You are the health of your business. Building and growing your business takes time. Put the time in. Be resilient. Don’t be complacent. Complacency can cost you your business. Don’t get distracted and keep things simple. Build a solid loyal talented team around you.

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Remember Failing to learn is learning to fail.

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