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How to Avoid Work Burnout

The world threw us a curveball in 2020. The economy stopped and shut down overnight. Our businesses stalled. Now the world has opened up, we find ourselves playing the tricky and often dangerous game of catch up. We want to make up for lost time. Some of us have seen our work hours double to get our organisations back on track. Burnout is on the increase. Let us stop for a moment and consider this: burnout will only harm your business more. Think smart. You do need to recoup your losses but doubling your workload is unlikely to herald those results. It is unsustainable and will cause more long term damage when your business inevitably crashes.



What does a clear forward planning strategy look like? It looks like delegation and automation. You need to get more done in a shorter space of time so find the people and technology to help you do it. Do not do it all yourself. Run your business like a machine. Each cog in the wheel has a purpose to keep the machine going. Find your cogs. Find people with different skill sets to your own to deal with the different parts of your business.


Use technology to automate your business and spread the load. 

The world has changed. We have seen the biggest digital shift ever during lockdown. We now have a vast array of services and people available to us at the click of a button. The traditional world and its practices are being challenged daily. As the world moves forward it is becoming increasingly obvious that we need to use technology more to save time and access expertise. An example being that we do not need to travel to meet with people 300 miles away, we can use zoom to meet them. It saves time and money. Generally, as human beings, we struggle with change. It makes us feel unsafe. When you feel resistant to a change you know is likely to be right for your business in the long term, dive back into your belief system and question yourself. Why don’t you like this? It is different but it might make your life easier. It might afford you time with your family? It might cut your costs? Focus on the positives and give it a try. Consider your customer or client. They might like automation. We must listen to our customers and identify their changing needs. If they are shopping or accessing services in a different way to the one you are providing, your business is likely to fail. We’ve seen this happen to numerous big organisations because they did not stay up to date with customer trends and engage with new ways of doing business. They fought against change and stayed with traditional practices. Eventually even the most loyal customers left. If accessing a product or service is made easy and is cost effective, even the most traditional customers will stray. Always consider customer demand.


Delegation is important. 

Entrepreneurs get to the top of their game because they are extremely good at what they do. To grow beyond that, they need to believe that they can show other people how to do the job just as well. There is a limit to the amount one man can do and growth stops. This is when burnout occurs. Spend money on good staff. Train them to deliver your vision. Do not cut costs by thinking you can do the job of ten men. It is a false economy. You need to be the leader of a team that can execute your innovation. Find your team. Find the cogs in the wheel which keep the wheel turning. Restructure and cover all bases. You cannot be all the cogs in the wheel. It is impossible. With structure and support within your business strategy you won’t burn out. 


If any of the above resonates with you and you would like to find out how to avoid burnout and grow your business please contact me here.

Remember, failing to learn is learning to fail. 

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